Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Journal Doodles

I have this journal (it's not a diary!) that contains calendar pages at the beginning of every month. I make my own calendars at home and have no need for the one in the journal, so I fill up each day's box with a doodle.

Enjoy these March doodles!

March is generally not one of my favorite months. At the risk of pooping all over everyone else's fun, I can't stand all the March Madness stuff that goes on this time of year. I don't watch the games, I have no idea who's playing, I don't understand the seeds and brackets and all that hooey, and for the love of Benji I do not want to throw away money betting on the games.

Also if you're in advertising as I am, it's as inevitable as the tides that a client will want an ad that says "Madness In March Sale" as the headline. And every time they do it, they think they're the first one to think of such a clever pearl of advertising wisdom. Feh.

There are a couple of doodles here that aren't my best work. That's because it's time for some new glasses. I'm getting tired of holding the paper at arm's length and trying to draw on it. As soon as my new insurance kicks in, it's off to the optometrist. A blind artist ain't gonna be any use to anyone.


  1. I love days 6, 9, 11 and 20!! Her nose and chin all "beaky" looks really cool. I like to look at these as a page in a high school year book. Somehow, it makes viewing the pages more fun. Imagine these guys being your school mates! It would make reunions more fun lol. Oh the stories they could tell. Pick out most popular or most likely to succeed :D

  2. Haw! Good point about the high school yearbook similarity. I looked at one of my yearbooks recently, and honestly some of these drawings aren't far off the mark. The fashions of the 1970s haven't aged well.

  3. What a full month! Great doodling! Yep, looks a lot like how I remember my fellow high school students and teachers.


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