Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camarero, Hay Un Problema Con Mi Galleta De La Suerte!

I went to a new Asian restaurant here in town a couple days ago. Naturally at the end of the meal they brought out fortune cookies along with the check.

This is what I found inside my cookie:

Well that's certainly a new one on me! Clearly something's gone horribly wrong here. We've got the English translation of the fortune and the lucky numbers of course, but instead of a Mandarin fortune on the reverse side we have it in... Spanish.

Have our captains of industry decided that it's now cheaper to outsource the writing and printing of tiny slips of paper to Mexico?

Did all the fortune cookie factories, most of which are located in Chicago, fire their teams of award-winning writers that have been working for them since the 1960s and start hiring illegal immigrants? Immigrants who obviously didn't go through the rigorous ten day orientation and training classes?

Or did the local restaurant accidentally get a batch of cookies that were earmarked for California and Arizona?


  1. LOL that's a new one I haven't seen yet. My daughter once got a fortune that said "Oops wrong cookie" Ummmm, what? lol

  2. I liked the food enough to go back to that restaurant, so I'll keep an eye on their fortunes to see if it's an ongoing thing or just a fluke. Maybe it was some bored writer at the fortune cookie factory goofing around, seeing if anyone would notice.


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