Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monkey See...

This week scientists discovered a brand new species of monkey living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, called a Lesula.

He (or I suppose she) is certainly a striking fellow, with a very unusual face and disconcertingly human eyes. World-weary eyes that look like they've seen some disturbing things.

Its face looks familiar somehow as if I've seen it before, but I can't quite figure out where. Whether it's a celebrity or a personal acquaintance that it's reminding me of, I can't tell, but it's driving me crazy.

The best match I can come up with is 1970s character actor Dave Madden, TV's Rueben Kinkaid of The Partridge Family. They've both got the same heavily-lidded eyes, extended proboscis and resigned, hangdog expression. 

But how could such a cross-species coincidence possibly occur? Perhaps at some point the Lesula monkey also had to work with former child star Danny Bonaduce, which would explain why they both have the same browbeaten and defeated countenance.

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