Sunday, September 16, 2012


What is it about all these space aliens anywa... [SILENCE!]

Seems like all they ever say to you is... [SILENCE!]

So why do they want it so quiet all the ti... [SILENCE!]

Is it their ears? Are their pointy ears more sensit... [SILENCE!]

Do their education bots not teach that it's rude to interru... [SILENCE!]

OK, OK, don't soil your robe. I'll "silence" myself. Just make sure you keep that probe where I can see it. You ain't gonna do that to me again!

Like most of my illustrations, this one started out as a simple notebook doodle of just the alien's head, and of course grew from there. I liked the drawing, but it just felt kind of meh. It looked a little too much like a high school yearbook portrait.

So I did a digital sketch showing a big more of his robe and his arm raised in a commanding gesture, which I thought had more visual interest.

His sparkly robe went through a wide array of colors, all of which I hated until I finally decided I could live with purple. The sparkles, meant to indicate it's some kind of shiny, sequiny fabric, were a last minute addition. The robe seemed to need something. Not sure if the sparkles are working though, or if I like them. The text at the bottom is hand lettered.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.


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