Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Shoes

It's been an hour or two since I posted anything about Doctor Who, so it's high time to rectify that.

Above is what seems to be a photo of a collection of everyday junk. Look again! That's not just everyday junk, it's miniature everyday junk.

British toy company Big Chief Studios is working on a series of 12" tall Doctor Who action figures. That's a pair of David Tennant's (the Tenth Doctor) trademark Chuck Taylors. Each of those shoes are about one inch long!

When I first saw the photo I thought those were normal full-sized shoes. The level of detail is incredible. How do the kids say it today? It's "off the rack?" "All that and a bag of meat?" Whatever, it's amazing.

Their plans are to eventually release super detailed 12" versions of all eleven Doctors, plus select companions and monsters. Looks like it's time to sit down and think about what organs I don't use that often so I can sell 'em and start buying these!

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  1. omg! i'm in love already! the shoes, the glasses, the WATER PISTOL!!


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