Sunday, October 21, 2012

Business Is Boomin'?

I saw this truck careening through town yesterday and had to wonder-- Is piano moving really a profitable business model here in the 21st Century? Good lord, how many people could there possibly be who own pianos these days? Especially in this town, where you're considered a success if you can afford to buy name brand macaroni and cheese rather than the store brand. And of the microscopic percentage who do own pianos, how often do they need to have them moved?

Outside of Laurel & Hardy shorts and Warner Bros. cartoons I don't think I've ever seen anyone moving a piano.

I honestly can't imagine them getting more than two calls a year, if that. They must sit around their office all day, every day, staring at the phone trying to will it to ring. "C'mon... it's been months since we had a call. Ring, damn you! Riiiiiiiiiiiiing!"

By the way, forgive the less than optimal photographs. I was having a hard time keeping up with the truck and trying to shoot if from my moving vehicle. Hopefully he didn't have any pianos in the back as he took the corner on two wheels.

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