Friday, October 5, 2012

Stormy Weather

For quite a while now I've been whining about the lame and ineffectual names the National Hurricane Center gives to hurricanes and tropical storms. I feel it's a tough sell to get people to take seriously a hurricane named Floyd. No one's going to evacuate their home when they hear that Hurricane Debbie is coming their way. 

I suggested they start giving these deadly storms more appropriate names, like Destructorr and Devastator.

Well, the National Hurricane Center continues to ignore me, but this week the Weather Channel has finally taken my advice. For the first time they've decided to name upcoming winter storms and are giving them appropriately grim monikers such as:

Gandolf (sic)
Khan (!)
Rocky (!!)

Finally some fittingly ominous names! Looks like somebody's been reading my blog!

Maybe now that the Weather Channel (which from what I understand is a lowly cable station, of all things) is taking my advice seriously, the National Hurricane Center will see the light and follow suit. Baby steps!

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