Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New And Improved Cybermen

This week in Doctor Who news, Neil Gaiman (who wrote last season's excellent The Doctor's Wife episode) announced he's working on an upcoming story involving the Cybermen.

Gaiman promised his script would raise the Cybermen back to their former glory along with redesigning the iconic villains. This week we got a sneak peek at the new suits and...

...they look a lot like the old Cybermen.

It looks like they redesigned the head somewhat and the overall look is a bit sleeker, but really there aren't a lot of differences. I kind of like the new design though, even if they do look quite a bit like rejects from Tony Stark's armor closet.

Hopefully these new versions will come from the planet Mondas again (like proper old school Cybermen) and not from a parallel universe like the versions we've had the past few years (and who have popped up in our universe so many times they might as well be from here).

The only bad part? Now I'm gonna have to update my Evolution Of The Cybermen poster.

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  1. Eh, they look good. Not great, but they look better than the last ones.

    Here's hoping these 'new and improved' Cybermen are just as badass and body horror-tastic as the classic series Cybs! (plus, here's hoping their voices are different than the previous new series cybs).


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