Monday, November 19, 2012

Tales From The Grocery: I.D.

A year ago I got a second job as a cashier at a grocery store in order to pay off some bills. It was a miserable, humiliating and demoralizing experience in every measurable sense, and I got the hell out of there as soon as my bills were paid. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who has to work in such a place. 

Here is another terrifying Tale From The Grocery. All Tales are 100% true.

Today an older woman came through my checkout line and wrote a check. When I asked for her driver’s license she handed it over to me and I noticed it had expired a full THREE years ago. When I pointed this out to her and said that I couldn’t accept it as a valid I.D. she became predictably enraged and screeched, “I got a new one three months ago, but it’s at home! I just haven’t had time to put it in my wallet yet!”

Yeah, you really need to set aside an entire day for a project like that.

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