Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Last Political Item Before I Stop Talking About It Already

Wow, really? America died? Why didn't anyone tell me already? A card I'd have sent or I'd have made a nice spread.

That's just great. Now I'm living inside a rotting corpse.

I can't decide what's more disturbing-- her overwrought reaction to the election, or the fact that I live in a world in which Victoria Jackson is considered a political pundit.

In a related note, I guess that coveted and highly influential Jenna Jameson endorsement didn't help the Romney camp after all. Puzzling.


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  2. It's probably not a good idea to try to understand anything Ms. Jackson says, but I think she's one of those that believes Obama is a *gasp* Muslim, so she was hoping Christians would vote the "godless heathen" out of office.

    I don't get all the angst over his supposed religion. Even though he's not, what if he *was* a Muslim? Who cares? What if he was a Jew, a Catholic or a Druid? Why would that make him a bad choice for president? Romney's a Mormon and no one said two words about that.

    If America's dead, does that mean I can sleep in tomorrow?

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