Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Novel Idea

At last! The History Channel's epic new miniseries The Bible is finally available in print form! Yes, the best selling book of all time that became a TV show is now a book again. Why just watch the word of God when you can read the official novelization?

A Story Of God And All Of Us is written by Roma Downey, star of TV's Show Me Where The Angel Touched You and her real life husband Mark Burnett, producer of popular TV shows such as Are You Telling Me You're Dumber Than A Fifth Grader? and Sarah Palin Goes To Alaska. This exciting new novelization condenses the Word of God, throwing out the chaff and keeping only the most thrilling and exciting parts for today's on-the-go believer.

A Story Of God And All Of Us is available in all finer airport and hospital gift shops and makes a great gift for that special person in your life who has a couple of hours to kill.

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