Monday, April 15, 2013

The Walking Heads

AMC just released this image of the upcoming The Walking Dead: Complete Third Season Limited Edition Blu-Ray set. Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you; it's a miniature recreation of the Governor's walker head aquarium collection.

From the photo it appears that the walker heads are stunningly back-lit, meaning you can use it as a tasteful lamp to light and accent the most sophisticated living room decor.

This is the perfect companion piece to last year's even more tasteful The Walking Dead: Complete Second Season Limited Edition Blu-Ray  collector's set. They'll both look fantastic sitting on the fireplace mantel, right next to your set of The Many Hockey Masks Of Jason Voorhees Commemorative Plates, your framed Freddy Kruger Genuine Bladed Glove and your set of Birthplace Of George R. Romero Coins.

Pre-order one today!

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