Thursday, April 4, 2013


For a while I was beginning to think this drawing was cursed. Everything was going along just fine, but when I was about 9/10 done with it I started getting this nagging feeling that it looked familiar somehow. I checked my earlier blog posts and sure enough I'd drawn an almost identical illustration a few years ago. Crap in a hat! 

I decided I could either scrap the whole thing or try and rework it somehow. I chose rework. Originally Dino-Thing was wingless and in a sitting position so I added a pair of wings and redrew him in flight. Problem solved.

Dino-Thing is a Photoshop drawing, done on the graphic tablet.

Here's the digital sketch I did for the reworking. I decided his neck was a little too skinny and fattened it up a bit. Other than that nothing much changed in the final drawing.

And here's the original drawing that was a little too close to the one I did a few years ago. I didn't finish it, but I put a fair amount of effort into it and it seems like a waste to just delete it, so... you will gaze at it for at least thirty seconds. 

And lastly here's the original pen & ink sketch I did of the abandoned version. It's quite a bit different, as it looks more alligatory than dinosaury here.

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