Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh Funky, You've Done It Again!

Glanced at the newspaper today and saw this in the "comics" section.

Oh, Funky Winkerbean, you are hilarious! Ain't nothin' funnier than a person whose speech is slurred by a debilitating stroke!

That is the punch line, right? I'm not just imagining it? There's nothing in any of the other characters' dry responses that's the least bit amusing, correct? So they're all acting as setup for poor Fred Fairgood's final comment, which apparently is meant to be funny because it's unintelligible. 

Jesus, the funny pages have become a dark and brutal place these days. I can't wait to read The Family Circus and see little Billy asking the neighbor kids if they want to see a dead body.


  1. You should be reading the Comics Curmudgeon (http://joshreads.com/). As he documents quite well, there is no bleaker comic strip out there than Funky Winkerbean. The one you highlighted is actually rather lighthearted, as it doesn't end with a diagnosis of cancer for one of the central characters.

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that about the Funkyverse, and its sister strip Crankshaft.


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