Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Extreme Christmas Creep

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to stock up on quiltin' supplies (soon to replace Speed Stacking and X-Treme Puzzling as America's favorite pass time) and while there I noticed they were selling Christmas decorations.*

Christmas decorations. In June.

They didn't yet have an entire corner of the store devoted to Christmas as they usually do; for now it was just one small display of decorations that look like giant lollys or candy canes. Doesn't matter how small the display was, it's still too damned soon. Putting Christmas crap out any earlier than the second week in December is too early if you ask me.

Mark my words: If this Christmas Creep isn't stopped and soon, stores are gonna keep putting their holiday crap out earlier and earlier until we finally loop back around to December and we'll be buying our Christmas 2014 stuff during Christmas 2013.

*Sorry for the lack of photographic proof, but unlike the other 99.9% of the population I don't constantly carry a combination phone, camera, communication and multimedia system with me at all times.

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