Saturday, June 29, 2013

Continuity, Schmontinuity

Disney/Pixar's Monsters University premiered in theaters last week. It's a prequel to Monsters, Inc., telling the tale of how Mike and Sully first met in college.

Hmm... college you say? Let's roll some footage from Monsters, Inc., shall we?


Ehh, who cares about continuity when there's half a billion dollars in box office receipts to be made?


  1. This bothered me too. According to an interview, the director actually tried to find a way to work that line into the new movie, but the higher ups told him not to work the story around one line of dialog. So he decided that "since the fourth grade" is an expression that monsters use that means "for a long time". What a load of bull.

  2. I get that Disney wouldn't want to scrap a prequel because of one line, but saying "Since the fourth grade" means "a long time" in monster talk is pretty lame.

    How about this for a solution: Mike and Sully have known each other since the fourth grade, but they weren't friends. In fact they hated one another. Maybe Sully even bullied Mike a bit. Then they got to college and the new movie shows how they eventually became friends. Same result, and no stepping on the line in Monsters, Inc.

  3. ha! just thought of this recently. honestly, what is more irksome to me is how good boo can draw in the first one. most 2 year olds are just making lines and circles! ;) that being said, we still love both the movies at out house.


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