Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Doctor Is In!

The BBC announced today that actor Peter Capaldi is officially the Twelfth Doctor. He'll take over the role at the end of this year's Xmas special.

I'm honestly surprised they went with an older actor this time around. The previous two Doctors have been whippersnappers, with current Doctor Matt Smith the youngest to ever take over the part. The show's gained a lot of popularity the past few years from the tween crowd, who think both David Tennant and Matt Smith were "dreamy." I wonder how they'll react to a Doctor old enough to be their dad?

Capaldi is no stranger to Doctor Who, as he appeared as Caecilius in the 2008 episode The Fires Of Pompei (which oddly enough also starred Karen Gillan, who go on to play Amy Pond). 

He also played John Frobisher in the third season of the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood (the third season, Children Of Earth, being the best of the entire series IMO). This of course confirms my suspicion that there are only twenty five actors in all of England.

Capaldi also had a part in this summer's blockbuster World War Z. There's one of those wacky internet theories making the rounds about his WWZ part. In the film he plays a doctor at the World Health Organization (otherwise known as W.H.O.). His character is known simply as "W.H.O. Doctor." Get it? W.H.O. Doctor? Doctor Who? Ehh? Ehh? Plus in the movie the W.H.O. center is located in Cardiff, Wales, which is where Doctor Who is filmed. I'm sure it's all just a mildly amusing coincidence, but some are convinced it was all a series of elaborate clues as to the identity of the new Doctor.

He's been great in all the roles I've seen him play so far, so I'm sure he'll turn out fine. Every time there's a new Doctor I always think, "Why the hell'd they hire that guy?" but they always win me over after the first episode. As I've said before, if you don't like change, then Doctor Who is not the show for you.


  1. I've never commented here before, but there's a first time for everything, right?
    Your blog is fantastic, pardon the pun. And I quite agree although I feel concerned, because the 12th holds a fine thread. I mean....this regeneration might be the last and I'm relieved in a way because I like the idea of him as an old man again (I'm from the ninth generation since I couldn't fully watch the series until 2009 but have lovingly watched First, and Five, Davison being my favourite Doctor. I'm on my way to watch the rest.) and I think Capaldi will be great, I really love his characters in general so...I'm excited for this new Doctor of his.
    Thank you for the amazing illustration works and news, it was a coincidence to find you on blogger and I'm glad I did because I really like your work.

    Lots of love, Liz.

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Liz. I'm always surprised when I'm reminded that people all over the world are reading my little blog!

    I like Peter Davison a lot too; he's one of my favorite Doctors. I was lucky enough to get to meet him last year and get his autograph and my photo taken with him.

    I wouldn't worry too much about Peter Capaldi being the last Doctor. I know about the 12 regeneration limit, but there's no way the BBC is going to end the show because of a throwaway line uttered in an episode from 40+ years ago. The show's way too popular and they're making way too much money from the merchandise to end because of that.

    I have no doubt they'll find a way to explain away the limit and keep going indefinitely.

  3. Hi Bob, love the blob, I really love the walking dead posts but due to me being to tight to pay top doller for a big channel package I'm still on ep 7 season 3.
    I would just like to correct you on your comment about the UK only having 5 actors, at the last count we had at least 9. Also Peter Capaldi IS the 13th Doctor as most people overlook Peter Cushing when he was the Doctor in a couple of movies.

  4. 'Love the BLOG!' - hate autocorrect

  5. Thanks, Rob!

    "I would just like to correct you on your comment about the UK only having 5 actors, at the last count we had at least 9."

    Haw Haw!

    As for Peter Cushing, I was always under the impression that those movies don't count, and aren't part of the official cannon. I think most fans just consider them an oddity or a curiosity. They're fun though, and quite well done.


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