Friday, August 23, 2013


The interwebs are positively abuzz today over the news that actor/direct Ben Affleck has signed on to play Batman in the upcoming Man Of Steel 2 film in 2015.

Nerds the world over are positively livid over this news, lighting up message boards as they savagely type out their outrage. Turn down your TV and listen carefully... hear that high-pitched, droning whine? That's the sound of a million angry Batman fans bleating their displeasure.

Personally I couldn't possibly care any less about this news. I didn't much like any of the no-fun Christopher Nolan-directed Batman, er... I mean Dark Knight films, and I hated Man of Steel, so it doesn't affect me in the least. I can barely manage to utter a half-hearted and lethargic "meh" in response to the matter.

I'm much more concerned about this:

In the 2007 film I Am Legend, Will Smith wanders around a deserted, plague-ridden New York City. At one point there's a shot of the empty metropolis and in the background you can clearly see a poster advertising a Superman/Batman crossover movie! Yikes!

If they were right about that, then everything else they predicted in the movie is going to come true as well, right? It's just plain common sense.

Looks like that apocalyptic vampire plague will be starting up any day now!

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