Sunday, August 18, 2013


Have you seen Yahoo's latest cry for help attention-getting stunt? 

It's called Thirty Days Of Change and each day for the next thirty days (hence the name) they'll design and post a brand new logo, culminating in the unveiling of the real new logo on day thirty. Or something like that.

And of course by "design a new logo" I mean "simply type the word 'yahoo' in each font they've got installed on their computer." Because that's exactly what they've done here.

Seriously, these are designs in the academic sense only. There's little or no thought put into any of them. It looks like they spent maybe thirty seconds apiece on the whole bunch.

Some of them are downright eye-searing. I wonder if they forced some poor intern make all these logos, or if this was one of those horrible contests where they get the public to submit a design-- for free, of course.

Out of all of them this is the only one that halfway looks like an actual design and has a modicum of style. I like it best out of all of them so far, which pretty much cinches that it won't be chosen as the final entry.

If you can possibly stand the suspense, come back on September 4th to see the disappointing, designed-by-committee atrocity they chose to represent their company!

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