Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monster Fashion

I've watched a lot of horror and sci-fi movies over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of monsters are actually quite snappy dressers! Sure they may be bloodthirsty supernatural killers, but they know how to rampage the countryside in style!

Take the Frankenstein Monster for instance. Not every stitched-together reanimated corpse goes around wearing a tasteful black blazer and simple t-shirt. Tres chic!

One small complaint-- he could use a bit of help with his sleeve length. Fire that tailor!

Dracula's no slouch in the fashion department either. His choice of a simple tuxedo and cape is both elegant and timeless.

He won't have to worry about stains either, because as the Count himself says, he never drinks wine!

Even the Wolfman has an eye for fashion, as he wanders the foggy moors in a crisp buttoned shirt and a nicely pressed pair of slacks. 

You might even say he's putting on the dog!

And let's not forget the Mummy! Although most of the time you'll find him dressed in rags (literally!) he can really clean up his act when he wants to pass as human. Just look at his stylish desert robe and cane, topped off by a dashing fez. 

I'd say Im-Ho-Tep is in step when it comes to fashion!

It should come as no surprise that the Phantom Of The Opera would have a refined fashion sense. Here he is dressed in a posh tuxedo accented with a luxurious opera cape.

With an ensemble like that he'll have no need to hide behind a mask!

Here's irony for you! Who'd ever have thought that the Invisible Man would have such dashing taste in clothing? Here we see him wearing a stunning ascot and smoking jacket number!

No sense trying to hide yourself, Dr. Griffin! We see you have a sense of style!

Even aliens are getting in on the act! Witness the Metaluna Mutant here, in his simple but stunning pair of slacks! 

I hope his sense of fashion doesn't give him a big head!

Even the offspring of famous monsters have style. Introducing Dracula's Daughter, wearing a breathtaking black (natch!) number with a plunging neckline (again, natch!).

Teen monsters can be chic too! Witness here teen vampire Nancy Perkins from Blood Of Dracula. Note her simple yet elegant sweater, accessorized perfectly by her scarf. I'll bet she spent hours getting that scarf to look like she tossed it nonchalantly over her shoulder!

Speaking of teens, don't forget the Wolfman from I Was A Teenage Werewolf! Not every lycanthrope can make a high school letter jacket look good, but this one can!

You get an "F," Mr. Wolfman. For Fashion!

Alternate versions of monsters can be stylish as well, as proven here by the Christopher Lee Frankenstein's Monster and his simple but stylish black pea coat.

The Christopher Lee Dracula also sported elegant taste, seen here with his stunning crimson-lined cape.

And don't forget this alternate Wolfman from Curse Of The Werewolf! Just look at the style oozing from his puffy shirt, waist sash and riding boots! Is that the Wolfman or Zorro?

Down boy! The "cat walk" is just an expression!

Even obscure monsters can have style! The Hideous Sun Demon here takes the time to dress in a nice white shirt before he disembowels his victims. You're a shining beacon of fashion, sir!

What's this? Why it's an Alligator Person, who knows the importance of a good pair of slacks when stalking a victim. I wonder if alligator shoes would be going too far?

Yes, remember folks, if these monsters can dress fashionably, then you have no excuse for wearing your pajama bottoms, slippers and bathrobe to the grocery store! See you on the runway!

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