Friday, October 4, 2013

Sneak Peek!

You may have noticed I haven't posted any actual artwork here on my blog for a while. There's a good reason for that. No, I haven't given up illustrating. No, I'm not a lazy schlub who lies on the couch all day seeing how much weight I can gain in a week. Stop guessing and let me tell you!

I haven't posted any art because for the past month or so I've been hard at work on this year's annual Christmas Card Slash Book. This year I had the novel idea to start on it before the last week in November like I usually do. I actually began working on it sometime in August! Can you imagine such a thing?

Of course starting four plus months before Xmas won't make any difference. It's a fundamental law of the universe and of graphic design that the work will always expand the fill the time available. If you have a week to work on a project it'll take you a week. But if you have a year to work on the exact same project, then you'll be working on it for a year. I have no doubt I'll be plugging away on it right up to the wire as usual.

Anyhow, here's a sneak peek at this year's Xmas Card Slash Book. As you can see, it features Dr. Killdeath, a character I first drew way back in 2009. I've always thought the character had potential and finally figured out something to do with him.

The Doctor is just one of the stars of the card slash book. So who's the other one (or ones)? Ah, you'll have to wait until December to find out.

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