Monday, January 27, 2014

The Doctor's New Duds!

Today the BBC finally released a photo of the Twelfth Doctor in his official costume! For fans of the series, what the Doctor wears is almost as important as who's going to portray him.

And... it looks a lot like the outfit the Eleventh Doctor favored toward the end. Sans the bow tie, of course. He's got a long, dark, Crombie coat (Crombie being a high-end clothing company in England), a vest (or waistcoat to you Brits) and the black Doc Martens again. What is it with the Doctor and Doc Martens shoes? Is it the brand name?

All in all, not a bad look. Except for the pants. Something's going on with those pants. The crotch looks wayyyy too low to me. Maybe it's just his dynamic pose.

I kind of like his new duds, especially the dark jacket with the bright red lining. It reminds me of this outfit the Third Doctor wore way back in the 1970s. Simple, yet elegant.

If you're not a fan of the new outfit, just remember: it could have been worse. A lot, lot, LOT worse....


  1. I spotted immediately that the red lining evoked Pertwee, who I believe was Capaldi's Doctor growing up. Also, I think the crotch looks so low because you're seeing the back of the jacket peeping out from behind his legs.

  2. Interesting that Capaldi's is kind of channeling the Third Doctor here, while Matt Smith admitted he based his performance somewhat on Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor. Everything old is new again, I guess (not that that's a bad thing)!

    I see the bottom of his jacket there, but it still looks like the pants crotch is unnaturally low. I'm thinking maybe it's just an awkward pose.


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