Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet Your New Lex Luthor

Welp, this happened today. Warner Bros. announced they've chosen actor Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man Of Steel 2 or Superman Vs. Batman or Giant Superheroes All Out Attack or whatever the hell they're calling it.

What's the matter, was Michael Cera busy? Heck, forget Cera, why not hire DJ Qualls for the part?

I'm sure Mr. Eisenberg is a fine actor and who knows, he may surprise me and pull it off. But he would not have been my first choice to play Luthor. In the comics Luthor has traditionally been older than Superman. Both Eisenberg and Henry Cavill (who played Superman in Man Of Steel) are 30 years old, although they certainly don't look it. Eisenberg looks 21 at the most.

Honestly I really don't care. Let 'em cast whoever they want. I hated Man Of Steel and this one feels like more of the same. I don't care enough to work up any nerd outrage over this news. 

Say, I wonder if the plot will involve Lex dreaming up some kind of outlandish real estate scheme? You know, like he's done in two different films already?

I know it's not fair to judge a movie before it even begins filming, but I feel like asking for a ticket refund right now.

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