Tuesday, March 11, 2014

News Flash Update

A couple of weeks ago the CW network teased a headshot of the Flash's costume from their upcoming Flash TV series.

This week they're finally giving us a look at the full costume. Well, sort of. It's kind of hard to see the whole thing with him crouched at the starting block like that.

Overall it's better than I expected. I was sure he'd be wearing a kewl red leather jacket (like Clark wore on the later season of Smallville) in lieu of an actual costume, but happily he's not.

This suit's still way too dark for my tastes though. And again with the fiddly, complicated textures. Why do all modern TV and movie superhero costumes have to be formed out of some kind of weird textured polymer? It would not surprise me a bit if the texture here was made up of thousands of tiny lightning bolts, like the one on his chest.

I still like this Flash costume from the 1990s TV series. I get that they probably don't want to (or legally can't) copy it exactly. But why go so overboard with the textures? So everyone will get their money's worth out of their high-def TV screens?

I know, I know. Things were better in the old days, get off my lawn.

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