Monday, March 3, 2014

News Flash

Last week the CW network teased this image from Flash, which is set to premiere this fall. The Flash appeared on the 2013 season finale of Arrow, and is being spun off into his own show.

So far all they've seen fit to show us is his head. It looks OK as costumes go, but the fact that they're playing coy with the rest of the costume doesn't fill me with much hope. I'll bet anything he's wearing a "kewl" leather jacket of some kind instead of the traditional one piece suit like in the comics.

And of course it's dark red. We can't have a superhero wearing bright colors these days, laws no. That would be too close to the comic and might come perilously close to being fun.

One thing I don't understand-- why is the Flash a caucasian here? Isn't it standard operating procedure to race-swap all comic book characters? You know, so the producers can show us all how sensitive and progressive they are? And why on Earth didn't they make him female while they were at it? Leaving him a white male as he's traditionally been portrayed in the comics... how positively 1963 of them.

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