Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13: Alone

By now it should be obvious to even the most inattentive of viewers that the second half of this season is nothing but set up for a big cliffhanger (and the big bad for Season 5). Sure, we've been getting lots of good character development (and even a few new faces) the past few weeks, but plot-wise you can just tell that nothing of importance is going to happen until episode 16.


• I enjoyed the scenes at the beginning showing how Bob Stookey was wandering the countryside very much like a walker. I suppose seeing everyone you know die and living in constant isolation will do that to a person.

Hmm. Bob's getting a backstory. Uh-oh... You know what that means.

• The walkers attacking in the fog was suitably creepy (not to mention terrifying), and something I don't think we've seen on the show before. 

• Do you suppose Bob's dried out by now? He had a bit of a drinking problem early in the season, but he appears to have conquered it. Whether through willpower or because there just ain't no booze to be had though, time will tell.

• When Maggie's group sees the Terminus sign, Sasha warns against going, saying, "If it sounds too good to be true..."

Smart girl. They need to listen to her. I have a bad feeling she's right.

Why do I think Terminus is bad news? Because as a graphic designer, I don't trust anyone who uses an uppercase "I" like that in their sign. See the "I" in "SURVIVE?" It's totally wrong! When an I is in the middle of a word you use the serif version; basically a plain vertical line. If you're using an I by itself, as in "I see you," then you use the serif version seen above (with the horizontal lines at top and bottom). 

Obviously whoever printed this sign is of low moral character and downright dangerous.

Nitpicky? I don't think so. If you're a typographer you'd get fired for doing something like that.

• As of this episode I'm pretty sure every one of the splinter groups has now found the railroad tracks and are following them. You could say this show has a one track mind! Wakka wakka!

• How about Maggie's awesome "No Parking" sign weapon? Finally one of those signs comes in handy for something.

• Once again the show's teasing the seamy underbelly of the internet that wants to see Daryl and Beth wallow between the sheets.

• Who's keeping the funeral home well-stocked and spotless? And why are they dressing up the walkers in funeral suits? Out of respect, as Beth said, or is this some new post apocalyptic fetish?

• So Daryl's homemade walker alarm goes off, he peeks out and sees it's a stray dog. The next time he hears it, he forgets everything he's ever learned about survival and boldly flings the door wide open, expecting to see the dog again. Instead he's greeted by a horde of walkers. 

Obviously the dog's working with them.

By the way, is this the first time we've seen a dog on the show? I can't remember. We've seen other animals before-- owls, deer & snakes come to mind. Not sure about dogs though.

Apparently animals aren't infected with the zombie virus. If they were, whenever one died it would turn, and we've not seen flocks of zombie owls attacking anyone.

• During the ruckus at the funeral home, Daryl sees a car speed away, presumably with Beth inside. Most people are saying Beth was at the wheel and ditched Daryl. I thought it was pretty obvious that whoever's been living in the funeral home grabbed her, threw her in the trunk (or whatever) and roared off.

• Daryl chases after the car for miles until he can't run anymore and collapses. Man, where's Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli when you need 'em? He's then approached by the very group that invaded Rick's house a couple weeks ago. "Joe" was the guy sitting on the porch of the house, who Rick came very close to killing.

I'm guessing these guys are up to no good, given Joe's "Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people" motto. 

Just when Daryl's finally coming out of his shell and believes there are still good people in the world, he's thrust into a gang of Merles. 

• I'm betting that Joe and his gang aren't just a roving gang, but are part of Terminus and are out scouting for supplies (and new recruits). Why do I keep thinking Terminus is bad news? Because this is The Walking Dead, silly! Any time the characters experience even a slight inkling of hope, it must be aggressively snuffed out.

My theory: The various splinter groups will converge at Terminus and find out that it's not a nice place at all. They'll be captured (or worse) and Daryl will be the man on the inside who rescues them.

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