Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fashion That's To Die For

This week Spanish clothing retailer Zara landed in hot water over their latest child's t-shirt design. Critics say the shirt in question bears an unfortunate resemblance to the coarse jackets worn by concentration camp prisoners in WWII, right down to the Star of David-like design on the left breast.

Zara quickly pulled the shirt from their website and apologized, saying the shirt and star, which reads "Sherrif," was inspired by "Classic Western Films."

Because of course the lawman in every western film ever made wore a horizontally striped, long sleeved t-shirt, right? Right?

This isn't the first time Zara has been in hot water this year. Just last month they were blasted for selling a shirt emblazoned with the ill-advised slogan, "White Is The New Black." Many thought the shirt to be in poor taste in light of the recent racial tensions in Missouri.

Of course these kinds of imbroglios are nothing new to the beleaguered company. Two years ago they caused a world-wide uproar with their controversial Swastika Onesie.

Seems like these days Zara just can't win!

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