Thursday, August 14, 2014

Milking The Who Cow

The new season of Doctor Who, starring a brand new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi,  starts up on August 23. Right now Amazon is taking pre-orders for the DVD of the first episode.

Not the entire season, mind you, but just the first episode.

Talk about milking the franchise! I don't like the sound of this at all. Of course the BBC has been selling Classic Doctor Who episodes individually since Day One, instead of by seasons as god intended. Up to now they've never done so with the new series (apart from the Christmas and Anniversary Specials). They've always sold them by seasons or occasionally half seasons.

Hopefully this isn't part of some new insidious cash-grab marketing scheme from the BBC. Because if they're going to sell all thirteen episodes one at a time, it's gonna get pricey around here real quick.

Let's all vow to ignore these single ep discs, and just wait for the inevitable season collections and teach the godless capitalists at the BBC a lesson they won't soon forget.

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