Saturday, March 7, 2015

Super Suit

This week CBS began filming the pilot for their Supergirl series. It stars Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. Benoist previously starred in Glee. Oddly enough, The Flash's Grant Gustin is also a Glee alum. What is it with that show and superheroes?

I'm honestly surprised they're calling the series SuperGIRL. Given our politically correct, all-inclusive, hypersensitive society, it's a wonder they didn't call it Super Empowered Young Woman, Unequaled Woman Of Strength or Exceptional Woman Who Don't Need No Man To Tell Her She's Super.

Also this week, CBS released an image of the Supergirl costume:

Eh, it's actually not bad. I like it. It looks quite a bit like the one Supergirl wore in her comics debut way back in 1959. It's also very similar to the one Helen Slater wore in the 1984 Supergirl movie.

Of course DC couldn't help themselves and constructed the costume out of the same scaly, reptilian substance they used for Superman's outfit a couple of years ago in Man Of Steel. Because God forbid they make a costume out of some kind of cloth. It's even festooned with superfluous piping and details just like his.

And just like the Man Of Steel get-up, it's dull, drab and dingy-looking. Would it have killed them to have added a bit of color to it? This is DC we're talking about though, and they firmly believe superhero movies should be dark and joyless affairs, hence the funereal colors.

I took the liberty of lightening the costume in Photoshop. There, now doesn't that look better? Doesn't that look like the costume of someone who's happy to have her powers and actually enjoys being a hero?

I guess it could have been worse. They could have gone with this recent comic version of the costume, complete with useless boot holes that leave the knees unprotected, along with a giant red crotch arrow. Note to DC's comic artists: "Red" and "Crotch" are two words that should never appear next to one another.

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