Friday, June 17, 2016

Godzilla Got Back!

This week Toho Studios released a new image from their upcoming film Shin Godzilla. The movie will of course be called Godzilla Resurgence in America, since it's now federal law that all films must have the word Resurgence, Retribution, Revolution or Redemption in the title.

Shin Godzilla will be the TWENTY NINTH film in the series (not counting the two American movies). Now that's a franchise!

Toho says the film will be a complete reboot, and will depict Godzilla attacking Japan for the first time. This is only the third time in the history of the franchise that this has happened. The series was kicked off of course in 1954's Godzilla, and was rebooted back in Godzilla 2000. Every other film in the series has been a sequel to the original, or acknowledged it in some form.

Here's our best look yet at the titular creature from Shin Godzilla.

Hmm. I'm confused here. Why is Jeannie's lamp attacking Tokyo in this film?

Yikes. That is one butt-ugly rubber monster suit. The giraffe neck, the shriveled little arms, and that pear shape! He looks like he needs to pull up his pants! This Godzilla definitely never skips leg day! Maybe that's why the film's called Shin Godzilla! Get it? Shin? Eh? EH?

For decades now it's been a tradition for Toho to completely redesign Godzilla in each new film. Why, I have no idea. Maybe to generate buzz for the aging franchise, or to give the fans something to look forward to?

This freakish new Godzilla suit, with its skeletal appearance and disturbingly tiny arms (that look like he's belting out a Shakespearean soliloquy) may be the worst looking one yet. He looks like a well done steak! Is this some sort of decomposing, Zombie Godzilla (now that I think about it, I'd pay to see that)?

He looks a little better from the side, but it's still a horrible, off-putting design. At least they're still using a guy in a suit, instead of a CGI Godzilla (although Toho has confirmed some scenes will feature a computer animated monster).

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