Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Art In The Wild!

I was browsing in my local comic bookery last week, and imagine my surprise when I walked past the gaming section and spotted my RARRR!! game on the shelf! Cool!

OK, so technically it' s not my game... it's published by APE Games. They're a Texas-based company that's been manufacturing fine board and card games since 1977.

But I did create just about all the art for the game a couple of years back. You can read all about that particular project here. Apparently the game has just been reprinted, hence its appearance on the shelves.

Imagine, my monster art is sitting there on the shelf next to Star Trek and Minecraft games! I'm somebody! I'm finally somebody!

Of course now that I've spotted my game in the comic shop, I'm going to become obsessed with it and check to see if both copies are still there every time I go in. And of course if they are, I'll immediately become despondent and hide under my desk all weekend.

In order to prevent that, I suggest you all immediately check your local comic shop for the RARRR!! game, or better yet, order it directly from the APE Games site.


  1. My daughter (age 7) has recently really gotten into playing games with me (chess, checkers, go, Uno, go fish, that sort of stuff). I checked out the RARRR!! website and unfortunately it's for 3 players. No one else in the family enjoys playing game, so I guess we'll have to skip this one!

  2. Hmm. I didn't realize it was for three players. Welp, you could buy it for the art!


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