Tuesday, July 11, 2017

That's Deep!

Something I noticed in the world of cinema this week...

There's a movie called 47 Meters Down that's currently playing in theater. It's the harrowing tale of two attractive young women who become trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by hungry man-eating Great Whites. Can their air hold out long enough for rescue to arrive?

Last week I saw a trailer for the upcoming film 12 Feet Down. It's the harrowing tale of two attractive young women who become trapped in an Olympic sized pool when the fiberglass cover is inadvertently closed over them for the weekend. Can their air— and their strength hold out long enough for rescue to arrive?

By the way, I honestly thought this was a parody trailer, but I checked and apparently it's a real movie.

Based on this progression, any day now I expect to see a trailer for Twelve Inches Below. It's the harrowing tale of two attractive young women who become trapped in a backyard kiddie pool.

After their father orders them to mow the lawn, Megan and Brittney decide to blow off their chores and beat the summer heat by splashing around in a plastic wading pool. Their plan works perfectly, until the girls accidentally knock a case of beer off their cooler. Their yard is now a death trap, as the tall grass hides deadly shards of jagged glass.

Afraid to step out of the wading pool, the girls find themselves trapped in twelve inches of tepid water, under the blazing sun. Can they survive until rescue arrives?

Twelve Inches Below premieres this month, in finer cineplexes that aren't showing Spider-Man: Homecoming twenty four times per day.

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