Friday, September 1, 2017

The Secret Revealed!

Happy Force Friday II! What's Force Friday II, you ask? Why, just like the original Force Friday, it's the day Hasbro and other companies flood every retail establishment in the land with new Star Wars action figures, Legos, playsets, electronics, clothing and more. Best of all, this flood of brand new merchandise will be piled on top of all the stuff that was released two years ago, and is still collecting dust on store shelves everywhere. It's a virtual avalanche of Star Wars crap, er, I mean product! What a time to be alive
Among the many, many, many items being released today is this action figure of Supreme Leader Snoke, perched on his snazzy new throne. Ever since Snoke first appeared in The Force Awakens, fans have been trying to guess just who he is. Could he somehow be a resurrected Emperor Palpatine? A clone of Darth Vader? Harrison Ford's agent?

Welp, after examining this new figures, the answer's clear. With his sumptuous, luxurious golden robes, there's only one person Snoke can be— the Librarian seen in Attack Of The Clones! It's the only possible answer!

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