Saturday, November 18, 2017

What Are Americans Outraged About This Week: Swastika Shirts

Over the past decade or so, our country's become filled with an entire generation of easily-triggered SJWs who routinely troll the internet, just looking for something to offend them. They're seemingly not happy unless they're outraged about some trivial matter.

It truly is a dark time.

So let's see What Americans Are Outraged About This Week, shall we?

This week, customers were appalled by an Airwalk brand shirt that showed up in a Ross Dress For Less store in Florida. The shirt, priced at a very reasonable $12.99, featured what appeared to be a pattern of tiny white dots.

Except they're not dots. According to the easily triggered and overwrought Ross patrons, the shirt was actually covered with swastikas!

Sigh... Here we go again. Yet another professionally offended American expressing mock outrage over nothing. OK, fine. Let's get this over with and take a closer look at this so called "Swastika Sh

Holy Crap, those are swastikas! Jesus Christ!

Once again, I have to ask how something like this happens. I work in a marketing department, and whenever I make even the smallest of ads, it has to be approved by at least twelve to fifteen people before it goes out.

I would assume the same holds true for shirt manufacturers as well. Are you telling me no one noticed this shirt was filled to the brim with freaking swastikas?

A spokesman for the Airwalk company said that the "swastikas" were supposed to be tiny versions of the company's "Ollie Man" logo, seen here. Apparently at some point in the production process, the cartoonish running man came out looking more like the symbol for the Nazi Party.

Yeah, nice try, Airwalk. Nobody's buying that load of fish oil.

One possible explanation for the goof up: the shirts were supposedly manufactured in India, where the icon is seen as a symbol of peace, not of hate. I can almost buy that, as the symbol existed for hundreds, possibly even thousands of years before the Nazis glommed onto it.

That still doesn't explain how something like this fell through the cracks and made it all the way to the sales floor though.

This kind of thing seems to pop up at least once a year or so. A while back Walgreens found themselves in hot water for selling blue Hanukkah (!) wrapping paper festooned with accidental Nazi symbols! Yikes!

Shortly after that, Spanish retailer Zara sold a children's shirt that looked remarkably like those worn by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps in WWII— right down to the Star Of David-like design on the left breast!

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