Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trunk Show!

This week DC unveiled the cover for their upcoming Action Comics #1000, which appears to feature Superman wearing his iconic red trunks once again! HUZZAH!!!

DC eliminated the trunks when they redesigned Superman's costume back in 2011. And as regular readers of my blog know all too well, I've been bitching about the missing trunks ever since.

And with good reason! This wasn't just the typical fanboy whinging, this was a legitimate gripe. Just look at this image from the detestable Man Of Steel. His costume looks incomplete without something to break up all that blue. He ends up looking almost... naked without the trunks! Of course that may just be due to his super-bulge in this shot, but I digress.

Incredibly he even lost his boots for a while, which made the "nude look" even more prominent. Thankfully the powers that be came to their senses and brought the boots back early in 2017. 

After that Superman then started sporting a red belt, which grew a bit thicker with every passing issue. Eventually the belt almost looked like the missing trunks, which just confirmed my notion that there was something missing from the costume.

I've heard all the arguments from readers who hated the trunks, and were happy to see them go. They ALL referred to the trunks as "underwear," and said they made Superman look silly, as if he had his drawers on over his suit.

Wow. Wait to miss the point there, millennials! Superman's suit was based on old-time wrestlers and bodybuilders from the 1920s and 1930s, who often wore leotards or full body suits. Because the jock strap apparently hadn't been invented yet, these performers often wore a pair of trunks over their suits to provide a buffer between their manhood and the audience. Superman was just aping this look. His costume had nothing to do with underwear!

Thankfully the trunks appear to be back in Action Comics' milestone one thousandth issue. I say "appear," because I'm not totally convinced they're back to stay, as I have a sneaking suspicion they're just showing up for his anniversary issue.

Hopefully I'm wrong though, and DC's seen the error of their ways and have restored Superman's costume back to normal. Looks like all my constant and annoying bitching about them finally paid off after all. To all you fans of the trunks, you're welcome!

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