Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Happy Tenth Anniversary To The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Happy 10th Anniversary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

It all started with Iron Man, which premiered exactly ten years ago today on May 2, 2008! Who'd have ever believed back then that we'd get a whopping EIGHTEEN more movies? And that with a couple of inevitable exceptions (I'm lookin' at you, Iron Man 3), they've all been pretty awesome?

And who in 2008 could have foreseen that we'd get a massive crossover movie like Infinity War, that teams up virtually every single character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or that the general public, not just comic book fans, would be invested in these characters and flock to the cineplex in droves to see what happens to them?

It's honestly amazing to me successful these movies have been, and how well the MCUs been handled. Here's hoping the next ten years are just as much fun!

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