Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Easy Come, Easy Go

Now that my once favorite show Doctor Who has become a huge dumpster fire and is now dead to me, I've been streaming a lot of episodes from the good old days. You know, from back when the series was actually watchable.

I recently watched 2005's The Christmas Invasion. It was the first Doctor Who Christmas Special, and also served as David Tennant's introduction to the series.

In it, a race of aliens called the Sycorax invades Earth on Xmas day (hence the title). The recently regenerated Doctor then defends the planet against them.

At one point, the Sycorax send a message to Harriet Jones, the Prime Minister Of England. For some reason, their message features four of the aliens onscreen at the same time.

Hmm... there's something about their message that seems familiar somehow, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is...

Ah. There it is! The Sycorax are apparently big fans of Queen. Maybe the band's music was beamed out into space and picked up by the alien's ship?

I'n betting this was an homage rather than just a coincidence. It had to be, since the only Sycorax who spoke was the one at the bottom center of the screen. There was no reason to have four of them there except as a tribute to Freddie and the boys.

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