Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oh, Sony, You've Done It Again!

I give my former employers Sony a lot of crap on this blog, as their film output is consistently awful. But this is the first time one of their cinematic turds has caused walkouts! Oy!

After one week, the film's grossed an embarrassing $15 million worldwide, against its $42 million budget. And it's currently playing on 2,776 screens!

Keep on pumpin' out those hits, Tony Vinciquerra!

Supposedly when Sony realized they had yet another disaster on their hands and tried to unload Holmes And Watson onto Netflix. Even they passed on it, and Netflix will air ANYTHING!

I almost want to see the film now just out of curiosity, to find out if it's really as bad as everyone's saying.

Oh, and before anyone says anything, I'm aware that Sony released Venom and Into The Spider-Verse, both of which were box office hits. But they balanced that with box office bombs like Hotel Transylvania 3, The Girl In The Spider's Web, Alpha, Superfly and my vote for worst movie of the decade, Slender Man.


  1. I think that Will Ferrell should just stop he has not had a funny movie in years so overrated.

  2. That's for sure. The only Will Farrell movie I actually like is "Elf." As you said, he should have called it quits after that.


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