Sunday, January 13, 2019

Eh, Not So Fast There, Hipster Spock

Today I was watched the trailer for Season 2 of the dumpster fire known as Star Trek: Discovery (aka STD), and something occurred to me.

At one point Sexy Hipster Spock appears and gravely intones, "This Angel showed me an apocalyptic vision. Someone, or something, is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy." 


First of all, why is it that every threat on this show always seems to involve the ENTIRE goddamned universe, instead of just one planet?

Secondly, did the writers forget that STD is a fraking prequel series? I'd say it's a given that whoever or whatever this Angel is, it can't be that much of a threat, since Spock went on to star in three seasons of The Original Series as well as eight of the movies. Obviously the Angel's gonna be defeated somehow.

This crap right here is why prequels are always a bad idea.

By the way, what in the name of Spock's Beard is going on at the end of this particular trailer? In the final scene, traitor Michael Burnam enters a turbolift with Captain Pike and his entourage. A lizard-like alien is already inside the lift, and Michael asks if he's OK. He hisses that he's sick, and then sneezes a huge wad of snot on the blue shirt next to him. Ha, I guess?

Note that this scene is almost a frame by frame copy of a similar one from The Orville. Seriously, the framing is exactly the same.

What the hell? Is this scene a not-so-subtle little jab at The Orville? Or a friendly acknowledgment perhaps?

Or did the producers of Discovery read all the criticisms that the show's too dark and joyless, and are attempting to copy The Orville's lighter tone in a desperate attempt to increase the ratings and win over the fans? I... I dont' understand what's happening anymore.

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