Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What Happened To The Art Of Movie Poster Design: Spider-Man: Far From Home Again!

Man, the hits, er, I mean the horribly designed movie posters just keep comin.' I don't know what the hell's going on, but so far Summer 2019 has a been an absolute goldmine of god-awful lobby art.

Nowhere is that more evident than with Marvel/Sony's upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home. Apparently Sony must have had a "Bring Your Kid To Work Day," and one of their designers let their son or daughter take a crack at the entire Spider-Man ad campaign. 

Sony definitely went all out for this film. They didn't just stop at one bad design, they gave us a whole slate of 'em! And yes, I'm blaming Sony here, because Marvel Studios usually puts out decent posters.

Given that the movie's finally premiered, this will likely be the last horrible Spider-Man: Far From Home poster that'll ever be featured. Enjoy!

Here we have the Chinese version of the poster. Not sure whether it was made here in the States or by someone in the Orient, but either way, it's an awful, awful design.

The actual figures themselves aren't too awfully bad for once, and it appears that someone actually too the time to create a customized cityscape, rather than slapping down some uninspired clip art.

The problem here's with the composition. The title's wayyyyyyyy too small down there in the corner. Were they afraid of covering up London Bridge? The release date and other verbiage should all be drastically reduced in order to free up space for the title.

And why is there an acre of space at the top, just to the right of Mysterio? You could almost stick another poster in that real estate!

Lastly, what the holy hell is up with Nick Fury in this poster? As with every other Spider-Man: Far From Home poster, Sony desperately wanted to remind us that Samuel L. Jackson stars in the film. But there was a problem here. Nick Fury doesn't swing from webs or fly. So how do you include him in a layout that features characters cavorting a thousand feet off the ground?

The answer's simple! Create a non-existent 300 story building containing fifteen foot tall ceilings, and have him posing in front of a window just as Spidey & Misty swoop by! Never mind that the windows are somehow both translucent and reflective (which I suppose is possible, but unlikely), nobody'll ever think twice about it.

Congrats to Sony for another winning design!

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