Saturday, August 3, 2019

I Give Up

A couple years ago, whenever there was a mass shooting here in the U.S. I would repost two different blog entries. One was about a company who manufactured flags that were permanently at half mast, in honor of the shooting victims of the week. The other was a "Thoughts And Prayers Generator," to quickly and effortlessly offer you condolences to the families of that day's shooting victims.

Note that I wasn't aiming for laughs with these posts, or making light of a tragic situation. I was attempting to point out the futility of America's barely-existent gun laws, and the uselessness of our elected officials who refuse to do anything about it.

Welp, I'm not going to repost those entries anymore. As of today there've been an astonishing 249 mass shootings in 2019. There have literally been more mass shootings than days so far in 2019 (249 vs 215). And the year still has four months to go! Gods know how high it'll be by the end of December.

If I continued to post these two items every time some disgruntled, heavily-armed nut case shoots up a mall or a garlic festival, that's literally all I'd get done!

Congratulations, America! Your soft gun laws and spineless politicians have worn me down to the point of exhaustion! Well done! 

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