Saturday, August 31, 2019

What Happened To The Art Of Movie Posters: How Lazy Can You Get?

Here's the new poster for Warner Bros./DC's upcoming new Joker movie. For some reason the entire internet has a huge bone for this film, as there's a ton of buzz about it. I don't get it myself, but it wouldn't be the first time I didn't understand popular opinion. 

Anyway, here's the new poster for the movie, and it's part of a brand new trend that's popped up in the past month or two. I call it the "Movie Still Movie Poster."

Look at that thing! The designer literally just took a frame cap from the movie, typed the title over it, added a distressed filter to it, then called it a day and went home before lunch.

This is the ultimate in pure, unadulterated laziness. A poster like this takes neither talent or skill— anyone with a copy of Photoshop could throw it together in less than ten minutes. Heck, forget Photoshop, you could probably whip up something like this in Microsoft Paint!

Fox (aka Disney) did the same thing a couple months ago with their poster for mismatched buddy comedy Stuber. Again, literally just a screen cap, with a title hastily typed over the top of it. This one probably took even less time than the Joker one.

Same deal with Midsommar. Good movie, incredibly lackadaisical screen shot poster.

Rocketman (which sadly wasn't about the early days of NASA, but rather a biopic of Elton John) had a Movie Still Movie Poster as well.

Remember when movie posters were actual pieces of art? Works that were drawn and painted, by talented artists and illustrators? Jesus, what the hell happened? Help us Drew Struzan! You're are only hope!

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