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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 10: The Great British Fake Off

This week on Legends Of Tomorrow we get another decent episode, as the gang finds the final piece of the Loom Of Fate (oops, spoilers!). It wasn't quite as good as last week's episode, but it's still miles above anything in the dreadful fourth season.

Constantine and Zari 2.0 team up for much of this episode, and slowly begin falling for one another. The writers are reeeeeally pushing this potential romance on us for a couple weeks now. They first hinted at it in Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn Of Justness, as Constantine and Zari 2.0 performed the parts of Shakespeare's doomed lovers, and began feeling their lines for real.

Meh. I'm not a fan of this particular pairing. They work fine as partners, as they have a fun, breezy chemistry together. As a couple though, not so much. There's absolutely no sexual tension between them, making this budding relationship dull and unbelievable. 

Constantine's spent the past two seasons moaning to anyone who'll listen that he works alone because horrible things happen to anyone he loves. So why's he suddenly throwing that attitude out the window and mooning over Zari 2.0?

I assume they're likely doing this to set up a love triangle between Constantine, Zari 2.0 and Steel. Ugh. Steel's my absolute least favorite character on the show, so I'm automatically disinterested in any storyline about his love life.

It's possible this whole romance subplot may end up being eliminated soon anyway. Last week the heads of Warner Bros.— which owns The CW— met with the showrunners of all its series about the coronavirus and how it may affect production in the future.

There was a suggestion that love scenes might end up being eliminated on their shows, because actors won't want to kiss one another. There was also concern about fight scenes, which would violate the rules of social distancing (!).

Nothing concrete was decided in the meeting, but... this is the world we live in now.

There's also some fallout from Canary's encounter with Atropos last week, as she seems to be developing some sort of time-related powers. Canary sits out most of this episode, so we'll have to wait till next week to find out what's going on with her.

I continue to be impressed with Sharpe, as she's slowly becoming the Legends' MVP, despite having no superpowers of her own. She has an easy rapport with the entire team (even Heat Wave!) and has earned their grudging respect. And this week she even slid easily into the role of leader, and even traveled to Hell!

I'm still enjoying the Loom Of Fate storyline, mostly because I'm not quite sure where it's going and because they're moving it along at a brisk pace. The only downside to this arc? Once it's over, I have a feeling Charlie will leave the ship, as there'll be no reason for her to stick around any longer. I hope not, as I like Charlie and actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers, but her departure feels inevitable at this point.

I also have a feeling Constantine may not be around much longer either. I guess it all depends on what happens with the Loom, Astra and her mom Natalie. Constantine and Natalie were once a couple, so if he manages to resurrect her, I could easily see him riding off into the sunset with her. 

Again, I hope not, as Legends has allowed Constantine's character to continue long after his own series was canceled. Time will tell!


The Plot:
On the Waverider, Charlie tells the Legends how she met the Enchantress (the DC one, not the Marvel one) in Ancient Egypt shortly after she dismantled the Loom Of Fate. She gave the Enchantress one of the three pieces (disguised as a ring again) and asked her to hide it someplace where she'd never find it.

After hearing the story, Constantine says that due to Enchantress' powerful magic, it'll be virtually impossible to find the final piece of the Loom. Zari 2.0, who's anxious to use the Loom to resurrect her brother Behrad, tells him he'd better figure out a spell to locate it anyway.

In the Mess Hall, Zari 2.0 tells Steel that she met her alt-timeline self inside the Air Totem. She says she could tell Original Zari had feelings for him. The two are just about to kiss when Constantine enters and calls a meeting of the crew. 

Cut to the House Of Mystery, er, I mean Constantine's manor, where the Legends have gathered. White Canary's there, and begins having odd visions— almost like she's seeing the immediate future. Sharpe asks if she's OK, and she brushes it off. 

Constantine gathers everyone and tells them to hold hands, saying he needs their psychic energy to try and locate an image of the ring. They do so, and as he concentrates a vision of the ring appears in midair. Canary faints, and Sharpe and Charlie tend to her. Constantine and Zari 2.0 see the ring and reach for it. Suddenly they both fall through some sort of magical portal and land on the floor. Constantine looks around and realizes they've accidentally fallen into the house's past.

Apparently in this era the manor is a boarding house. Mrs. Hughes, who runs the place, enters and Constantine says he and his "fiance" would like a room. Another man enters and introduces himself as Dr. White, saying he'd like a room as well. He glares at Constantine as he passes.

The two settle in their room, and Constantine mocks Zari 2.0 for having the unbelievably useless talent of "influencer." He then casts a location spell that leads them down the hall to Dr. White's room. Constantine tells Zari 2.0 to "influence" White out of there so he can search the room. She knocks on White's door, pretends to be sick and asks if he can examine her in the parlor.

Dr. White examines Zari 2.0 and becomes suspicious when he sees she's not wearing an engagement ring. She nervously says she feels all better and rushes back upstairs. White pulls out a scalpel and ominously follows her. 

Zari 2.0 enters White's room, looking for Constantine. Unfortunately he's nowhere to be found. White comes up behind her with the scalpel, saying he's ready to begin the real examination. Just then Constantine comes out from behind a door, grabs White and breaks his neck. An instant later, White resurrects and Constantine knocks him out. He says White is really Jack The Ripper, and must be another Encore who escaped. He ties him up and stuffs him in the closet.

On the Waverider, Gideon examines the unconscious Canary in the Med Bay. She says there's unusual activity in the area of her brain that perceives time (?). Sharpe worries that with Canary out, Behrad dead and Constantine and Zari 2.0 missing, the Legends won't survive another confrontation with Atropos. 

On the Bridge, the Prognosticator shows numerous Encores moving in the same direction. Gideon says she can't track where they're heading, because they're also moving through time. Sharpe figures Astra's sending the Encores after Constantine again. She determines the only solution is to confront Astra— in Hell!

Back at the manor, Constantine also figures Astra sent Jack after him. Just then the doorbell rings, and Constantine and Zari 2.0 sneak down to see who's arrived. Five more encores enter— Brutus, Henry XIII, Black Caesar and Bonnie & Clyde.

On the ship, Gary draws a circle on the floor and he, Sharpe and Heat Wave enter it. Gary says they'll have four hours to find Astra, and once the time's up they'll automatically return to the Waverider (PLOT POINT!). Sharpe arms herself with the Hell Sword, as Heat Wave lights the circle, causing them all to disappear. They arrive in Hell, wondering where to begin looking. Heat Wave grabs a random Hell-resident and threatens him into telling where Astra is.

At the manor, Constantine says Astra must really want him dead if she's sending so many Encores after him. Zari 2.0 suggests maybe they're not after him, but the ring. He tells her that's actually a good point. He disguises himself as Jack The Ripper and goes downstairs to join the Encores. 

In Hell, Gary enters Astra's club. He lures her outside, where Sharpe grabs her. She tells her to call off the Encores or she'll stab her with the Hell Sword. Astra says she doesn't know what she's talking about, as she hasn't sent any Encores since Constantine promised to restore her family. She invites them into her club so she can show them she's not lying. Sharpe stupidly agrees.

At the manor, the Encores— plus the disguised Constantine— sit down to a nice dinner (?). As Zari 2.0 suspected, they're all there for the ring, having been offered free reign on Earth if they find it. Clyde says it's time to thin out the competition, and disintegrates Henry with his Hell Shotgun. The rest of the Encores all pull out their Hell Weapons and point them at one another in a supernatural Mexican standoff. Bonnie says she's heard of Jack The Ripper and figures he's the biggest threat to them all. She points her Hell Gun directly at Jack/Constantine.

Just then Zari 2.0 enters in a wig and gown, disguised as Cleopatra. She convinces everyone to lower their weapons, and says they need to work together to find the ring. She says if they find it, they can ALL demand free reign on Earth. The Encores think about it and eventually agree. 

In Hell, Astra takes Sharpe and the others to her office. She opens the drawer where she keeps her soul coins (which they were calling "chits" several episodes back). She's shocked when she sees they're gone. She calls her demon assistant Tiberius and asks where the coins went. He says SHE told him to remove the coins, and she realizes a shapeshifter took them. She "kills" Tiberius with a knife, but says he'll be better in a few hours (???).

Astra says at least she still has her most important coin— that of Constantine, which she wears around her neck. She takes out his coin, but is shocked again when it reads "Vandal Savage." She realizes that she's been had by the Coin Maker, aka Lachesis. She's furious, but says the Coin Maker's too powerful for her to take on by herself. Sharpe offers to help, and Astra agrees.

At the manor, the Encores ransack the place as they look for the ring. Bonnie draws her Hell Gun and eliminates Brutus. Meanwhile, Black Caesar uses his magical Hell Compass to try and find the ring, while Constantine and Zari 2.0 watch from the shadows. Clyde enters and kills Black Caesar, then leaves. The compass falls to the floor, and Constantine nabs it.

Constantine tries using the compass to locate the ring, but says it's useless because the house is interfering with everyone's magic. He then realizes the nature of the Enchantress' spell— anyone actively looking for the ring will never be able to find it. He suggest they get drunk and try to forget about it.

In Hell, Astra and Sharpe walk to the Coin Maker's place (I guess there aren't any cars in the Netherworld). Astra tells her that after Constantine banished her to Hell, the Coin Maker took her in and raised her as her own, and now she's betrayed her. Sharpe says she can relate, as her mentor Rip Hunter sold her out as well by cloning her and filling her mind with fake memories.

Just then several of Astra's goons appear and take Sharpe captive. She tells them to "have fun" with her and goes to meet with the Coin Maker. The goons take Sharpe to Astra's office and tie her to a chair. Heat Wave and Gary are tied up there as well. Gary says he forgot to mention that when their time in Hell is up, only those touching him will be teleported back to the real world. Heat Wave says he needs to get back, as he's going to his daughter Lita's soccer match.

Astra goes to the Coin Maker's shop and says she knows she stole her soul coins. The Coin Maker admits it, saying she needed them for grander schemes. Atropos then appears, and the Coin Maker introduces her. She finally reveals she's actually Lachesis (which we already knew), and she and Atropos are two of the Three Fates. She says their third sister Clotho , aka Charlie, betrayed them and destroyed the Loom Of Fate. They want the Loom back for themselves.

Astra says Constantine promised to use the Loom to resurrect her mother. Lachesis tells her to move beyond her petty human desires, and offers her the chance to become their new third sister. Astra thinks about it and agrees, but says she wants Constantine's coin back. Lachesis says that's a fair trade and hands it to her.

While looking for the ring, Bonnie & Clyde find the real Jack The Ripper tied up in the closet. He tells them Constantine's posing as him, and they all head off to kill him. Meanwhile in the dining room, Zari 2.0's trying not to think about the ring. Constantine hears the others coming, and leads Zari 2.0 to a secret passage. She doesn't want to leave, but he tells her he can't save Behrad if she's dead too. She reluctantly goes. 

Astra returns to her office, picks up the Hell Sword and cuts Sharpe and the others free. She says if Lachesis finds the Loom then she'll never get her mother back, so she's on Team Constantine— for now. Gary says their time's almost up. Sharpe asks Astra  to come back with them and take control of her life. At the last second, Astra takes Sharpe's hand.

Sharpe, Heat Wave, Gary and Astra are transported back to the Waverider. Steel and Charlie are puzzled to see Astra, and Sharpe says she'll explain later, but right now they need to save Constantine.

At the manor, the Encores take Constantine prisoner and demand he tell them where to find the ring. He tells them to go to Hell (!). As Jack prepares to torture him, Zari 2.0 returns and orders them to stop. They turn on her, and she blasts them with the Air Totem— surprising herself as much as the Encores. Clyde's blown backwards into the blade of Jack's Hell Scalpel and disintegrates.

Constantine frees himself, grabs Clyde's Hell Shotgun and shoots Jack. Bonnie starts to shoot Zari 2.0, but she deflects the bullet with the Totem, causing it to ricochet. It hits Bonnie and she's gone. 

In the aftermath, Constantine and Zari 2.0 move closer and start to kiss. Just then something catches Constantine's eye, and he sees the ring sitting on a table— where it's been all along. 

Sharpe and Steel enter, but see the others don't need rescuing. Steels grabs all the discarded Hell weapons for future use against the Fates. As they leave, Mrs. Hughes appears and says goodbye. Constantine gives her a long hard look, and says he thought she wasn't allowed to meddle. She says she doesn't know what he's talking about. As he and the others Time Courier back to the ship, Mrs. Hughes transforms into Enchantress (to no one's surprise).

On the Waverider, Steel's impressed that Zari 2.0 got the Air Totem to work. They look like they're about to kiss, when Constantine walks in with Gary and Sharpe. Constantine wonders how the others knew where to find him. Just then Astra saunters in, greets Constantine and says they have a Loom to build.

• The episode begins with Charlie telling the story of how she was hanging out in Ancient Egypt, where she gave the third piece of the Loom Of Fate to her pal Enchantress.

Oddly enough, this past version of Charlie looks just like the present day one. But that can't be, since Constantine froze her in the form of Vixen (a person who wouldn't be born for 5,000 years) while she was impersonating her.

Ah, but the writers thought of that! Steel interrupts her story and says, "Wait, wait, wait, time out. But you did look different at the time, though, right?" Charlie replies, "Shapeshifter! 'Course I did. But it makes the story easier to imagine if you just picture me."

OK, so the writers manged to get out of that jam. But then they immediately stepped into another one. Why would Steel think that Past Charlie looked like her current self unless she specifically mentioned it in her story? And why in the name of sanity would she do so? "Five thousand years ago I was living in Ancient Egypt, lookin' just like I do now."

• I gotta admit I was a little confused when Charlie first mentioned Enchantress. She's a Marvel Comics character, generally associated with Thor. Took me a minute to remember that DC Comics has an Enchantress as well!

So last week I spotted Katana's mask— from the awful Suicide Squad movie— sitting on a shelf in the Waverider's study. Now this week we get an appearance from Enchantress, who was the main villain of that film (albeit in a VERY different form). What the hell? Why all the sudden callbacks to Suicide Squad?

• When Enchantress first appears, she's wearing this form for some reason. The second I saw her I wondered why they had Tala Ashe (aka Zari 2.0) play her! Whoever this woman is, she looks just like her. In fact I'm still not entirely convinced that it isn't her. Why would they cast such a lookalike in the role?

• Based on the dialogue and overall plot, I'm assuming this episode takes place just a day or two after Behrad was killed. Apparently Charlie decided to mourn his death by morphing into this form. Subtle!

Seriously, what the hell? Was this Maisie Richardson-Sellers' idea? Did she just show up on set like this and the director was forced to go with it? Or did the producers decide she needed a makeover, and this was the result? Either way, I'm not a fan. Let's hope this look is gone next week. Come at me, SJWs! 

• After being blasted by the full power of Atropos last week, Canary begins experiencing odd visions in which she sees glimpses of the immediate future. Eventually she passes out, lapses into a coma and is confined to the Med Bay.

Wondering why she's awkwardly written out of most of this episode? Most likely it's because she was off filming a guest appearance in the series finale of Arrow.

• In the Med Bay, Sharpe asks Gideon what's wrong with Canary. Gideon says, "Captain Lance is experiencing unusual activity in the striatum, a region of the brain that processes time. I am continuing to run tests to determine the cause."

The human brain really does contain a structure called the striatum. As you might expect though, it has absolutely nothing to do with "processing time." It's actually made of two parts. The ventral (lower) striatum moderates things like reward, reinforcement and motivation. The dorsal (upper) striatum involves things like motor function, inhibition, impulsivity and stimulus respons.

• With Canary out of the picture, Charlie says Sharpe is now the acting captain. When was that line of succession decided?

I guess it makes sense. Steel's too much of a doofus to ever run the ship, Charlie and Constantine likely wouldn't want the responsibility, Zari 2.0's too self-absorbed and Heat Wave's too "shoot first, forget the questions." That pretty much leaves Sharpe as the most responsible choice. And don't forget, she was the Director of the Time Bureau for several years. 

On the other hand, she's served on the ship the least amount of time, which means there's likely a lot she doesn't know about its functions and operation.

• Constantine gathers the Legends in a circle, has them hold hands and chants a location spell to try and find the final piece of the Loom. 

As usual, his Latin spells are largely gibberish. He says, "O circule, te vocavi ad hunc locum et tempus. Veni hic, te iubeo," which translates into "O circle, you called this place and time. I came here to be off." 

Once again, it looks like the writers are using an online translator site that's not very accurate or reliable.

• Constantine and Zari 2.0 are accidentally transported into his house's past. The episode never states exactly what year they end up in, but based on the clothing of the locals and other visual cues, I'd say it's sometime in the late 1800s.

Wondering why the two of them time travel into the manor's past? That would be because the House Of Mystery sets are already built, of course! The CW is notoriously cash-strapped, and they ain't got money to put up new sets for one episode.

• In the past, Constantine's manor is a boarding house, owned (I guess?) and run by a Mrs. Hughes. Several things here:

Wow, could they have found an actress who looked more like Maggie Smith to play Mrs. Hughes? I don't think so!

• At the end of the episode we find out that Mrs. Hughes is actually Enchantress in disguise. It's meant to be a shocking reveal, but in hindsight the clues where there all along.

First off, Mrs. Hughes first appears, she's trying to find her etui (a small ornamental case). Zari 2.0 points it out to her and Mrs. Hughes says, "Thank you, my dear. I would've found it eventually. Sometimes one just needs to stop looking." Of course in the third act, we find out that Enchantress put a spell on the Loom ring so it was invisible to anyone who was looking for it!

Secondly, I should have realized something was up with Mrs. Hughes when a British King, a pirate captain, a Roman senator and two gangsters from her future showed up at her boarding house, and she didn't bat an eye!

Lastly, Mrs. Hughes serves dinner to the Encores. Two seconds after she lays a roast on the dining room table, Constantine walks in disguised as Dr. White, aka Jack The Ripper. Mrs. Hughes has already met the doctor, but when she sees Constantine she doesn't say, "I beg your pardon, but who the devil are you?"

When you add up all that, it's pretty obvious there's something fishy about Mrs. Hughes, and she's much more than she appears.

• One last thing about Mrs. Hughes before I finally stop yakking about her. When Constantine & Zari 2.0 first show up, he tells Mrs. Hughes they're married. Zari 2.0 refuses to go along with the charade and says they're not. When Mrs. Hughes huffs that she doesn't allow single women to stay in her establishment, Zari 2.0 corrects herself and says she and Constantine are engaged. Mrs. Hughes says that's different then, and gives them a single room (!).

OK, I know Mrs. Hughes isn't a real person and all, but still... there's no way in hell a woman in the 1800s would allow an unmarried couple to share the same room— engaged or not! Such things just weren't allowed back then.

• On the Waverider, the Prognosticator shows multiple Encores moving through time and space, presumably toward Constantine's location. Unfortunately the device glitches and shorts out before Gideon can pinpoint where they're all headed.

I dunno... if you look at the Encores' paths right before the thing quits working, it's pretty clear they're heading toward the UK. Granted, the Legends don't know where— or when— to look, but at least it's something. Better than trying to search the entire globe!

Also, note that Lachesis sends six Encores after Constantine. It's hard to tell the exact amount, but by my count there are at least seventeen trails on the globe! I guess some of them must have gotten lost?

• Unknown to Astra, Lachesis steals her soul coins and sends a bunch of Encores after Constantine, to get his pieces of the Loom Of Fate (and then kill him of course).

The six Encores she sends are:

Jack The Ripper. An infamous serial killer who murdered at least five prostitutes (and possibly six more) in the East end of London from 1888 to 1891. Jack was never apprehended, and the public's been speculating as to his true identity for over a hundred years. The list of possible suspects is long and varied, including the father of Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll (!) and Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria (!!).

In this episode Jack goes by the alias of Dr. White. Oddly enough I couldn't find any mention of a suspect with that name. I guess he made it up on the spot?

— Henry VIII. King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547. He was described as a lustful, egotistical, harsh and insecure king. Probably best known for his six wives— two of which he had executed.

— Bonnie & Clyde. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were a criminal couple who robbed a series of banks in the American Midwest during the Great Depression. The public, which was less than thrilled with banks at the time, became enthralled with their exploits. The two were killed in a police ambush in 1934.

— Black Caesar. A Haitian pirate who pillaged the Florida Keys, and later became a crewman aboard Blacksmith's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. There's no real evidence that Black Caesar actually existed, and he may have just been a legend.

— Brutus. Marcus Junius Brutus was a senator during the political turmoil of the later days of the Roman Empire. When Emperor Julius Caesar began amassing power and naming himself "dictator in perpetuity," the Senate decided to take action. A group led by Brutus assassinated Caesar in 44 BC.

• Constantine poses as Jack The Ripper to find out what the Encores want. Just as they're about to eliminate him, Zari 2.0 shows up disguised as another Encore— Cleopatra.

So... where the hell did she fine a Cleopatra wig inside Mrs. Hughes' boarding house? Or are we supposed to believe she hurriedly (and professionally) cut her hair off?

• Has anyone explained why Lachesis is operating a little shop in Hell? Seems like a step down for one of the Three Fates who once controlled humanity's destiny. Did she come to Hell so she can fiddle with the soul coins and mess with the "lives" of the damned?

Legends Of Tomorrow features an interesting, if nonsensical and contradictory version of Hell (that looks not unlike downtown Detroit— zing!). 

Traditional depictions of Hell describe it as a vague, metaphysical realm where souls are tortured for eternity. Legends' Hell seems to be an actual physical location— one that humans can freely visit if they know how to get there! In fact, Constantine regularly visits the place.

More oddities: Apparently the damned in this version of Hell age! We know this because Astra was sent there as a child, and has now grown into an adult. So does that mean the damned can age and die? Or do they just keep getting older and older forever? It's all very unclear.

Probably the most surprising aspect of this Hell is that it operates similarly to our own world Astra owns her own business— a nightclub called Brimstone. She has a staff of employees too, implying that the damned have to get a job and earn a living in the afterlife. Can you imagine having to work a menial job for all eternity? It really IS Hell!

• In Hell, Heat Wave grabs a random demon and threatens to kill him unless he tells where to find Astra. I love the fact that he's so scary he can literally intimidate the denizens of the Netherworld!

• Constantine manages to stop thinking about the ring long enough for it to magically appear. This is the first really close look we've gotten at any of the Loom rings so far. This one features an image of what looks like a woman's hand picking up... a ring! Nothing momentous to say here, I just thought it was a cool touch and I'd mention it. 

• Let's talk about Astra, shall we? At the end of the episode she simply and effortlessly teleports to the Waverider with the Legends. Wait, what?

OK, if I understand her history, back in Constantine's own series, Astra was a child who was possessed by a demon. Constantine and his crew attempted to exorcise the demon from her, but were unsuccessful. Constantine then enlisted the aid of an even more powerful demon— Nergal— to eliminate the one possessing Astra. Nergal eliminated the original demon, but then double-crossed Constantine by dragging Astra to Hell himself. 

Once in Hell, Astra was taken in by Lachesis, aka the Coin Maker, who became her adoptive mother. Over the years she manipulated Astra for her own ends.

Meanwhile, Constantine was haunted by what happened to Astra, and considered her fate his greatest failure. 

Years later, Constantine traveled to Hell to retrieve the soul of Atom, who'd accidentally been sent there. When he arrived, Satan offered Constantine a chance to save Astra instead. Constantine told Atom tough cookies, and decided to rescue Astra instead. When he was finally reunited with Astra, she was now a grown woman and said she didn't want to leave, as she was a big mover and shaker in Hell or something.

Wow. A lot to unpack here. So for years Constantine fretted and beat himself up over accidentally damning a little girl to Hell. Yet in numerous episodes we've clearly seen him go to and from the Netheworld. In fact it seems pretty easy— draw a circle of powder on the floor, light it and you're instantly transported there. If it's that simple, why didn't he travel to Hell years ago and rescue Astra?

Also, Astra's furious with Constantine for leaving her to rot in Hell for years. Yet at the end of this episode, she hitches a magical ride with Sharpe and the others back to the real world. In fact it's apparently so easy to escape that Gary Freakin' Green can do it!

If it's such a cinch, then why didn't she return to Earth long before she became corrupted? Why don't ALL the damned of Hell escape?

Maybe there's something I'm missing here, but it just seems like saving Astra wouldn't have been that tough and there was no reason NOT to do it before now.

This Week's Best Lines:
Zari 2.0: "By the way, uh, when I went on that totem journey thing, I met the other me."
Steel: "Really? How... how is she?"
Zari 2.0: "She's great. Tough, cool... You must have a thing for warrior women."
Steel: " Only if they're from another time period and eventually will leave me, sure."

Constantine: "I'm gonna need to borrow a little bit of magical energy off you lot to help amplify the summoning spell."
Steel: "Exactly how does that work?"
Constantine: "It's easy. All you need to do is keep your mouths shut and let me use your auras like batteries."
Sharpe: "Is this safe? It doesn't sound safe."
Constantine: "It isn't. Any more questions?"

Constantine: "Now, I'm assuming you can wield the totem like Behrad."
Zari 2.0: "Mm-uh. I'm just holding onto this for him. I don't have a superpower. Unless you count having flawless brows."
Constantine: "I don't."

Zari 2.0: "The New York Times called me the most influential influencer of my generation."
Constantine: "Oh, The New York Times, eh?"
Zari 2.0: "Yeah, it's like an app that tells you the news."
(Remember Zari 2.0's from 2044, a time when physical newspapers will likely be a thing of the past.)

Zari 2.0: "What about you? What exactly do you do, besides wear the same outfit every day and screw up spells?"
Constantine: "Well, I've banished demons, slain dragons, and walked through the fires of Hell. I'm a sneaky bastard and the greatest sorcerer that ever lived."

Charlie: "Oh, Mick, I thought you were taking time off to hang out with the kid?"
Heat Wave: "She told me to go to Hell. Where are we headed?"
Gary: "The portal to Hell is ready, Captain."

Constantine: "Look, I can't look after you and figure out what Astra's up to at the same time."
Zari 2.0: "This might be Behrad's totem, but there is a little warrior me inside here from a different timeline and she's gonna protect me."
Constantine: "I don't even know what to say to that."

Sharpe: "It's over, Astra. We know you've sent your Encores after John, so don't play coy."
Astra: "What the hell's an Encore?"
(Makes sense that Astra wouldn't recognize the term, since the Legends coined it.)

(Sharpe visits Astra's office in Hell)
Astra: "So where's the lug-head?"
Sharpe: "Rory's guarding our exit, and he's enjoying some entertainment."
Astra: "Yeah, I'll definitely be seeing that one again down here."

(After discovering her soul coins are gone, Astra pushes a button to summon her minion.)
Gary: (to Sharpe) "No one with an executive privacy button has good intentions."

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