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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 12: Freaks And Geeks

This week on Legends Of Tomorrow, the gang goes Greek, as they search for a magical McGuffin on a college campus.

I initially had a laundry list of complaints about this episode— there was no real plot, there're no superheroics and the closest we get to a battle scene is a beer pong tournament! I ended up throwing that list away though, because the episode was just so damn much fun! 

Such is the nature of Legends— even when nothing happens, it's still a blast to watch!

Freaks And Geeks was most definitely a character-building episode, as it focused mainly on Astra, Charlie and Heat Wave and their continued growth.

Astra was the real star this week, and did nearly all of the heavy lifting. In the space of just one episode, she went from supporting character to main cast. We really got to see what makes her tick this week, and why she's the way she is. It was also a lot of fun to see her interact with the rest of the cast and shake up the team. Her chemistry with Charlie was especially good. Great job, writers!

I'm also enjoying the ongoing Heat Wave/Lita storyline. Poor Heat Wave is doing his absolute best to navigate the unknown waters of parenthood and be a good dad to his daughter. So far it's been a blast to watch— especially now that Lita finally decided to give the old man a break and warm up to him. Let's hope their relationship carries into Season 6!

Freaks And Geeks was also just about the most girl power-iest episode possible, as it featured a nearly all-female cast concerning themselves with starting a sorority. But its message was presented in a positive and straightforward manner, that amazingly wasn't at the expense of men. 

Compare that to recent seasons of Doctor Who, which seem to be built solely on the foundation of "MAN BAD, WOMEN GOOD." 

See BBC? It's possible to have strong female characters that don't build themselves up by tearing down men. Kudos again to the Legends writers for giving us a positive female-centric episode.

As always, Steel continues to be my least favorite character on the show. Heck, at this point I like Gary more! It's clear the writers have absolutely no idea what to do with him at this point, other than have him moon over Zari 2.0. 

Remember earlier in the season when the producers said they wrote Atom out of the show because there were no more storylines left for him? If that's true, then what's their excuse for keeping Steel around? Give him a reason for being there or get him off the show!

Lastly, a reminder that we should all take the time to really enjoy the next three episode of Legends. This week producers announced that due to the viral apocalypse, the various Arrowverse shows won't return until at least January of 2021.


The Plot:
On the Waverider, Charlie tells the Legends that the Loom Of Fate can only be used by three people with the powers of a god. The team then combs through ancient texts, looking for a magical loophole.

Constantine finds a reference to the Chalice Of Dionysus, which says whoever drinks from it becomes a god for a day. Charlie says unfortunately the old gods' artifacts were lost eons ago. Steel sees a drawing of the Chalice and recognizes it from his college. He says it was a rival frat house's "Chug Cup," and anyone drinking from it supposedly became invincible for a day.

Gideon runs a scan and says the Chalice is currently housed in the Sigma Psi Phi fraternity at Hudson University. The Legends figure if they can get the Chalice they can drink from it, become temporary gods, use the Loom and then bring back all their departed loved ones. That plan's so crazy it just might work!

The Legends travel to Hudson U in the present day. There they find the frats are all competing in the annual "Chug Challenge," to see who gets to drink from the cup. The Legends infiltrate the campus dressed as students (which strains credulity) and enter a gym, where a frat/sorority recruitment drive is going on. They split into teams to try and find the Chalice.

Meanwhile, Heat Wave's daughter Lita's still onboard the ship, and says her guidance counselor suggested she go to Hudson after high school. She says there's no point though, as she can't afford it. Heat Wave tells her if she really wants to go, he can make it happen (no doubt with his vast horde of stolen treasure). She agrees to tour the campus.

Charlie and Astra look around the gym for the Chalice. Astra hisses that they should just take it by force. Charlie tells her the Loom users have to function as a team, so she'd better get used to working with others. Astra says she's not interested in working for another Fate, and storms off.

Heat Wave and Lita tour the campus with the rich and snooty Neumans and their son Henry. Mr. Neuman says he wants Henry to go to his alma mater and major in finance like he did. Heat Wave realizes he's far out of his element here. Lita tries to cover for him by saying Heat Wave majored in architecture at Iron Heights, a prestigious art school (!).

Steel and Zari 2.0 are also searching the gym for the Chalice. Suddenly the Sigma frat enters, chanting and holding the cup. Dion, the Sigma president, holds up the Chalice and invites everyone to the Chug Challenge. Steel recognizes Dion from his college days, and is puzzled that he hasn't aged a day.

Charlie joins Steel and Zari 2.0 and says she knows Dion— he's actually Dionysus, the ancient god of wine and revelry. She introduces herself and the two hug. Dion sets the Chalice on a table, and says he joined the Sigmas decades ago because the parties never stop. He tells Charlie he's worshiped by his fellow frat bros, who have no idea he's an immortal god.

Suddenly Astra tires of the chitchat and tries grabbing the Chalice. Unfortunately it won't budge, and Dion realizes why Charlie and her crew are really there— to become immortal. He says the Chalice can only be picked up and used by a Greek, so good luck trying to use it.

Since none of the Legends are Greek, they walk away in frustration. Just then Charlie sees a Theta sorority booth signing up new members, and says all they have to do is join and they'll be honorary Greeks! It's just that simple! Astra's thinks the plan is stupid, but Charlie says they have to play by Dion's rules.

Back on the campus tour, Henry asks Lita about her connections and extracurriculars. Unfortunately she doesn't have any, except for her part time job. They walk by Neuman Hall, and Henry points out that his grandfather donated the building. Heat Wave realizes he's holding Lita back. He sees Steel approaching, and announces to everyone that HE'S Lita's dad. He then makes a hasty retreat.

Charlie and Astra attend a Theta recruitment luncheon, and sit with three other hopeful pledges— Inez Martin, Lisa Lindhome and Silvia Hines. Astra decides to try and fit in by introducing herself in her best sorority girl voice. The Theta President is so impressed with her that she hands Astra a wooden paddle— the sorority's most prized possession.

Charlie then introduces herself, saying she travels the world with her friends. Astra makes a comment about them all being losers, which starts a big cat fight. Astra literally flips a table, breaking the paddle in the process. The President disqualifies their entire table, saying none of them are Theta material.

Back on the Waverider, Charlie tells White Canary they failed. Canary says it's no problem, as they'll just create their own sorority!

Steel takes Lita to Greek row, telling her she'll find the most influential people on campus there. Lita's not impressed, as they're just not her kind of people. Dion sees Steel and remembers him from earlier. He invites him to a big bash the Sigmas are having, and Lita tells him to go while she checks out the frat for the Chalice.

On the ship, Canary, Sharpe, Charlie, Zari 2.0 and Astra form the new Delta Chi Sigma sorority. They find an abandoned house they can use, but discover the inside's run down and disgusting. Charlie gets the idea to use a Time Courier to link the outside of their sorority house to the inside of the House Of Mystery, er, I mean Constantine's manor!

Canary says they need three more members to be a full-fledged sorority. They decide to induct the three Theta rejects— Inez, Lisa and Silvia.

At the Sigma House, Steel drinks and bonds with Dion and the others. Dion gives Steel a swig of a special beer he brews himself. The magical brew puts Steel under a spell, causing him to devote himself to the hedonistic lifestyle. It also forces him to tell the truth, as Dion asks him why the Legends are here. Steel tells him they need the Chalice so they can use the Loom Of Fate. This doesn't sit well with Dion, as he worries that if Charlie uses the Loom again, humanity (along with him) will lose their free will, and his perpetual party will finally end.

Meanwhile, Lita snoops around Sigma House and finds the Chalice in a basement storage room. She gets a text from her Dad (!) and leaves to meet him.

At the Delta house, the Legend women bond with their new sorority sisters. Astra tells the Goth and gloomy Silvia to ignore what's popular and to do whatever she wants. Silvia sincerely thanks her for the advice— which causes Astra to soften a bit. She still thinks it's a stupid plan though.

Just then Dion enters with his posse (including the bamboozled Steel) and tells Charlie he knows what she and her friends are up to. He says the Deltas are disqualified from the Chug Challenge (which I guess is something he has the power to do). When Astra says he can't change the rules, he reminds her he's a god and can do whatever he wants.

After Dion leaves, Astra hisses that she's going to take the Chalice by force. Charlie tells her she can't do that, but Astra says she'd done trying to fit in with the Legends, as they all consider her an outsider.

Elsewhere, Lita meets with Heat Wave. He proudly shows her that Neuman Hall has now become Rory Hall. When she asks how he did it, he explains he went back in time, donated a crap ton of money from his stolen fortune and they named a building after him.

She asks why he ditched her on the tour, and he says he didn't fit in and was afraid he'd ruin her chance of getting into college. Lita says she doesn't fit in with the campus crowd either. She tells Heat Wave that he's better than any of them because he saved her from a demon dog.

Astra stomps over to Delta House, intent on burning it down. Charlie begs her to stop, but Astra says it's how she was brought up in Hell, and she doesn't know any other way. Charlie gives her a Patented The CW Pep Talk®, saying she used to be a rule breaker herself, but the Legends showed her she could still be true to herself without changing, or some sort of claptrap. She tells Astra there's a place for her in the Legends.

Astra finally stands down and agrees not to burn down the house— but asks what they're going to do about the Chalice. Charlie says gods like Dionysus get their power from their followers. If they remove said followers, he'll lose his grasp over the Chalice and it'll be theirs for the taking. Astra asks how they can get everyone to desert Dion, and Charlie says by throwing an even BIGGER party.

The Deltas set up their own party, but unfortunately no one shows up, as they're all whooping it up across the street at Sigma House. Astra tells them in order to win, they need to take out their competition.

Zari 2.0 hacks into the Sigma's playlist, substituting it with yodeling music. Heat Wave then sneaks into the garage and destroys the Dion's kegs of magic booze with his heat gun. With no music or beer, the partyers become restless. Charlie and Astra then walk in and invite everyone to the rager at Delta House. The crowd stampedes across the street to their party.

Heat Wave tries to pick up the Chalice, but it still won't budge. Dion enters Delta House and tells the Legends that he still has a small handful of followers (including Steel), and they're not going to desert him because "bros are bros for life."

With no other options, Canary then challenges Dion to beer pong. Dion accepts, but warns her that he's undefeated. He says if he wins, Delta House gets shut down for good. Canary agrees. Sharpe points out that Canary's still blind from her encounter with Atropos, but she says she can handle it.

The two begin playing, and Canary does surprisingly well as she uses her future vision to "see" the ball. After several rounds, she handily beats Dion. His last two followers desert him and side with Delta House. Dion's powers fade, and Heat Wave's able to pick up the Chalice. Lita tells him this has been the best father-daughter weekend ever.

Sometime later the Legends tell Inez, Lisa and Silvia they have to go and they're shutting down Delta House. The three girls say they're keeping it open, to provide a place for others who don't fit in. Dion congratulates the Legends, magically fills the Chalice with wine and hands it over to them.

Charlie starts to drink from the cup, but Canary suggests they all do. Everyone agrees and takes a big swig (except for Zari 2.0, who's Muslim). Their bodies begin glowing with light as they're all charged with the power of a god for twenty four hours. Dion tells Charlie not to do anything that'll end his partying.

Astra, finally feeling accepted, wanders outside. Suddenly Lachesis appears and reminds Astra that she's in her debt. She says she's calling in her favor.


• This episode's title is a shoutout to short lived but beloved 1999 TV series Freaks And Geeks, which was about a group of unpopular students struggling to get through the social minefield of high school. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it. 

• When the Legends are doing their research, Zari 2.0 asks Canary to use her future vision to see if there's anything helpful in the book she's about to read. Canary does so and says "Nope." Zari 2.0 then tosses the book aside.

Woah, woah, woah, time out! That wouldn't work! Canary's power allows her to glimpse the near future. The only way she could "see" if the book was going to be useful is if Zari 2.0 actually read it. Once she put the book down, she altered the future, making it impossible for Canary to see.

• Constantine finds a reference to the Chalice Of Dionysus in an old book, and says it may be able to help them.

Take a look at the book in this shot. Now that is a quality prop! The images look like engravings, the paper's old and yellowed and the binding's so ancient the pages are about to fall out! Well done, The CW Prop Department!

By the way, it's hard to see for sure, but it looks like the text on these pages is in Latin.

• Steel sees the picture of the Chalice and says he recognizes it from his college days. We're then treated to a flashback, in which he climbs a ladder and attempts to steal the cup from the Sigma Psi Phi fraternity. Unfortunately he's spotted by the Sigmas, which somehow causes him to fall backwards on the ladder.

So Steel, or rather Nate Heywood as he was known then, was killed in that incident, right? According to his official biography, Nate was born a hemophiliac. In fact his condition was so severe that his parents never allowed him to play outside after he scraped his knee at age 5. Falling two stories off a ladder no doubt caused him to uncontrollably bleed out and die.

When Nate joined the Legends in Season 2, his hemophilia was cured when Atom injected him with an experimental serum. The treatment also inexplicably gave him the ability to turn his body into metal.

I have a feeling the writers have forgotten all about the hemophilia thing at this point. Hey, it's all right there in his Arrowverse Wiki entry! If I can take thirty seconds to look it up, so can they.

By the way, all through this episode Steel says he went to college at Brixton. There's no mention of that in his entry, as it claims he went to Oxford. Whoops! Maybe his entry just hasn't been updated yet. Or I guess it's possible he went to Brixton as an undergrad, then went to Oxford later on?

• When Lita enters the Bridge she sees Sharpe and calls her "Auntie Eva." Sharpe calls her "Lita honey," as the two seem to have an almost mother/daughter relationship.

That... that actually makes a lot of sense! A few episodes back in Zari, Not Zari, Sharpe got the bright idea to use time travel to "edit" Heat Wave into Lita's formative years. She claimed to be his parole officer, and took photos of Heat Wave and Lita during all the major events of her childhood.

From Lita's point of view, she's known Sharpe all her life, while Sharpe got to watch her grow up (at a rapidly accelerated rate). So of course it would make sense that the two of them would be close. Well done, writers!

• Thank the gods old and new that Charlie's hair is back to normal this week. I was not a fan of the 'do she's sported for the past two episodes, and I don't care who knows it. As I said before, come at me, SJWs!

• Most of this episode takes place at Hudson University. Fans of the comics will recognize that name, as Dick Grayson (aka Robin and Nightwing) went there for a time, as did Martin Stein!

There's also a Hudson University that's often featured in Law & Order: SVU. Maybe the Law & Order shows are part of the Arrowverse!

• How is it that no one ever questions why this group of obvious thirty and forty year olds are sashaying around the enrollment center, hanging out at frat parties or forming their own sorority? Did Constantine put a spell on the Legends so everyone else sees them as teens?

• It was fun seeing Astra play dress-up with the rest of the team and go along on a mission. She's probably the last person I ever expected to become a Legend, but so far I'm liking her and the way she shakes things up.

I can't imagine she'll stick around after her Mom's resurrected in the season finale though, so I wouldn't get too attached to her.

• When Dion realizes the Legends want his Chalice, he tells them, "To pick this up, you gotta be Greek, and I gotta deem you worthy." When they ask how they're supposed to do that, he says, "You gotta either join a sorority, a fraternity or a frorority, and you gotta win the Chug Challenge."

I've been out of college for quite a while now, so I admit I've never heard the term "frorority" before, and have no idea what the hell it means. I assume it's probably a combination fraternity/sorority? Or maybe an organization for trans and non-binary students?

• Funniest part of the episode: After Charlie and Astra fail to join the Theta sorority, they go back to the ship. Astra threatens to kill Charlie, and Canary says, "Oh okay, whoa, whoa, stop. No one's killing anyone." She then touches Astra's arm, gets a look at the future and adds, "Ooh, Astra was definitely gonna go for it. Zari, hide that fork."

We then cut to Zari 2.0, as she surreptitiously hides her fork down her top. HAW!

• At one point Heat Wave texts Lita and says he has something to show her. I dunno... I wouldn't have pegged him for a texting kind of guy! I suppose having a teen daughter forced him to adapt.

• During the campus tour, Henry brags to Lita that Neuman Hall was named after his grandfather. Heat Wave overhears this and fears Lita's ashamed of him.

Later on he shows Lita that the building's now named after him. He explains that he went back in time, donated money from his treasure room so the college would give him his own building.

That's a pretty creative use of time travel!

Also, note that when we see Neuman Hall during the daytime, bathed in bright sunlight. Rory Hall's seen at nighttime, in dark and shadow. How very appropriate! I don't know if the director did that on purpose or if it was just a happy accident. If it was intentional, then good job!

• Man, Dion's really let himself go over the centuries! What a slob!

Seriously, after seeing this guy I'm not only reluctant to ever take off my shirt in public again, I don't even want to take it off in private!

• Dion's not happy when he finds out that Charlie wants to rebuild the Loom Of Fate. He says, "When she puts that Loom together... mm. I mean there goes free will. There goes the party! And that is not very tight."

Wait, does that mean the gods are controlled by the Loom Of Fate as well? That seems unlikely, since they're the only ones who can use the thing. Maybe Dion's worried that without free will, people will no longer worship him and he'll lose his power.

• One of my most common complaints about Legends is that it's a superhero show without any superheroics in it. Due to the show's meager budget, weeks often go by without any of the characters actually using their powers.

This week the producders came up with a new money-saving tactic: Having the Legends use their superpowers offscreen!

At one point Steel's partying with the Sigmas, and asks one of the guys to take the house paddle and whack his ass with it as hard as they can. The Sigma takes a mighty swing just as Steel "steels up" his rear end, causing the paddle to shatter. 

Note that we never actually see his butt turn to metal, we just hear the "steeling up" sound effect. Jesus, how cheap can you get? 

So I guess this means that Steel can turn selected parts of his body to metal now? Since when? I'm pretty sure he's never done that before, as his power's always been "all or nothing."

Then later on Charlie goes to Sigma House, ducks into a closet and shuts the door. We hear her shapeshifting sound effect, and when she opens the door we see she's morphed into Steel off camera! 

So apparently the show's now using "theoretical FX!"

• The Legends ladies recruit three additional "sisters" to make their sorority official. Note that each of these new members echo the person who recruited them. 

Inez Martin (left) is peppy and outgoing, just like Sharpe. Lisa Lindhome (center) is obsessed with social media, much like Zari 2.0. And Silvia Hines (right) is dark and brooding, just like Astra.

By the way, when Zari 2.0 recruits Lisa, she does so solely by text. Note that at one point Zari 2.0 texts a Beebo meme!

• Second funniest part of the episode: When Canary paces back and forth in front of their new sorority sisters, and stops in front of a non-existent recruit to give 'em a pep talk.

Few TV shows would ever attempt to make blindness funny. Legends Of Tomorrow is one of them.

• The Legends' new sorority is named Delta Chi Sigma. Note that when spelled out, the Greek letters look like the word "AXE."

In a similar vein, Dion's the president of the Sigma Psi Phi frat, which sounds like "sci-fi."

• When Constantine turns his manor over to the sorority, he warns the ladies that the wooden gargoyles on the stair banisters bite. Given the nature of the House Of Mystery, I couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

Later in the episode we see the ladies have decorated the gargoyles, complete with novelty sunglasses. Either Constantine was joshing, or the gargoyles are into it!

• The Legends challenge Dion to a beer pong challenge to win the chance to use his Chalice. He agrees, but says, "If I win, Delta House is closed forever."

OK, that was an Animal House reference if I ever heard one! I'm surprised this episode didn't have more of them.

• I freely admit I've never played beer pong in my life. That said, I was always under the impression that contestants tried to bounce a ball into a cup by hand. So I was surprised to see Dion and Canary playing with ping pong paddles in the third act. What kind of weirdo version is this? Did they give 'em paddles because it looked more cinematic?

The answer lies in Canary's challenge to Dion. She says, "So come on, D-Bag (heh). What do you say? Winner takes all. Dartmouth Rules."

Turns out Dartmouth Rules are a real thing. When played that way, contestants really do use paddles! Someone on the writing staff is seriously into beer pong!

• The Legends decide to all take a swig from the Chalice to become temporary gods. Well, all except Zari 2.0, who refrains because she's Muslim.

OK, I get it— alcohol's haram and all that. But the whole point of this undertaking is to bring her brother Behrad back to life! Wouldn't something that incredibly important to her override religious doctrine? Surely Allah would look the other way just this once while she resurrects her brother.

And what if it turns out that the seven Legends gods aren't enough, and they need eight to bring back Behrad? Would she drink then, or just say, "Eh. I tried."

I dunno... I'm obviously not a church-going person, so maybe I just don't understand her slavish devotion to religious tradition and rules and the expense of all else.

• After he's beaten, Dion allows the Legends to drink from his cup, saying "You won the chalice, and with it, immortality for a day!"

Um... was that a deliberate joke, or do the writers not understand what immortality means? Methinks they mean "invulnerability" here.

Also, this is some heavy duty nitpicking, but hey, that's what I do. When the Legends drink from the Chalice they start with Charlie on one end and finish with Heat Wave on the other. Oddly enough, Heat Wave's the first one to start glowing! Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Charlie took the initial drink, so shouldn't she be the first to glow? Told you it was heavy duty!

• At the end of the episode, Silvia enters with Constantine's bulldog-tipped cane and says it "yelled at her."

This is a callback to Mortal Khanbat, where we first saw the cane. In that episode, a dying Constantine lashes out at Atom and Gary. The cane, which is possessed by the ghost of Winston Churchill, scolds Constantine for lashing out at his only two friends.

• In the tag scene, Lachesis appears and tells Astra she there to collect the favor she's owed.

Once again, someone easily leaves Hell. I thought it was supposed to be a realm of eternal punishment and torture? Doesn't seem like much of a threat if anyone can just leave the place anytime they feel like it.

On the other hand, Lachesis is a Fate, so maybe she's not trapped there for eternity like regular souls are.

This Week's Best Lines:
Charlie: "The Loom requires three weavers who are as powerful as gods."

Astra: "Well, I'm not leaving my mom's life in the hands of you idiots."
Sharpe: "Wow, okay, well, that's one person. What do you think, Sara?"
Canary: "I mean, I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well just add wannabe god to the list."

(Gary fusses over Canary.)

Gary: "Shouldn't you be resting?"

Sharpe: "Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This book says that Merlin used the Philosopher's Stone."

Charlie: "Pshh, that thing's as real as Santa."
Steel: "Shh, Gary's in the room."
Gary: "What?"

(Heat Wave and Lita tour the campus with a snooty rich family.)

Mr. Neuman: "I'm an alumnus. You probably noticed the scarf."
Heat Wave: "Yeah. I'd like to wring your neck with it."
Mrs. Neuman: "What was that?"

Heat Wave: "I said... I said it's a great building, good brick structure, fire resistant."
Mr. Neuman: "Oh, you really know your architecture. Where did you study?"
Heat Wave: "Iron Heights."
Mr. Neuman: "Haven't heard of it."
Lita: "It's a super prestigious art school."
(As all good viewers of The Flash know, Iron Heights is a prison in Central City.) 

(The Legends watch in amazement as Dion's fellow frat bros carry him into the gym on a litter.)
Zari 2.0: "Oh, wow. That was just like my entrance to the 2044 VMAs."

Theta President: "What did you do before college?"

Astra: (in her best sorority girl voice) "So I grew up in Hell, had minions do my bidding, and rose to power till I practically ran the place."

(Charlie & Astra are thrown out of the Thetas. Zari 2.0 says they should start their own sorority.)
Zari 2.0: "Ladies, we're gonna start our own."

Canary: (who's still blind) "I can't tell. Is she serious?"

(Lita and Steel stand outside Dion's frat house.)
Lita: "Wait, hold on, you said these are the guys that have the chalice, right?"

Steel: "Uh-huh."
Lita: "So why don't you go inside and get requited, and I can do some scouting and find out where they keep it?"
Steel: "Only if your dad doesn't try to set me on fire while I'm asleep."

(Gideon gives a rundown of the potential Delta sorority members.)Gideon: "Inez Martin was voted out of pep squad for being too enthusiastic."

(Gideon gives another rundown.)Gideon: "Lisa Lindhome, aspiring influencer, shunned after becoming the subject of a viral video entitled, Girl Snarts at Party."
Astra: "Wait, what is a snart?"
Zari 2.0: "Oh, it's when you sneeze AND..."
Canary: "Eh, let's not. Let's just ease Astra back onto Earth, all right?"

(Silvia says the Delta sorority needs a motto.)Sharpe: "What about, 'We might not have it all together, but together, we have it all?" 

Lisa: "Okay, I need that on a T-shirt, like, now!"

Astra: "I should've done this my way from the start, so I'm taking that chalice by force."

Charlie: "Look, even if you tried, that won't work. You can't defy a god."
Zari 2.0: "And there is no way you're using the Loom on your own."
Inez: (watching this odd exchange) "Being a grown up sounds weird."

(The Legends ladies decide the only way to defeat Dion is to throw an even BIGGER party than his.)
Astra: (cleary not into the idea) "I am still in Hell, aren't I?"

Zari 2.0: "Oh, wow, you are all glowing."

Steel: "Oh, must be the moisturizer you recommended. Like, my skin feels tighter."
Zari 2.0: "Mm-mm, literally... you're literally glowing."

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