Saturday, May 9, 2020

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 11: Ship Broken

This week on Legends Of Tomorrow, we get a dreaded filler/bottle episode combo. Ordinarily that would be the worst mix possible, but somehow the writers managed to turn it into something amazing and highly entertaining.

Actually I'm not being completely fair here. The main plot involving the Loom Of Fate is most definitely filler, as the Legends finally recover all three pieces of the Loom Of Fate, but then discover that Charlie's unable to activate it by herself. Insert Price Is Right sad trombone here.

Even though that particular storyline's stalled in an effort to stretch it out till the season finale, there was plenty more going on this week. White Canary loses one sense and develops another after her encounter with Atropos. Heat Wave finally makes a breakthrough in his relationship with his daughter. Gary adopts a dog from Hell— literally! And even Astra gets some character development this week!

The only character who doesn't have anything to do this week is Steel. He's been sidelined much of this season by Behrad, who took over most of his character duties. And once his bro-pal Atom was unceremoniously written out, Steel was left with little or no purpose on the show. They need to either find something for him to do soon, or get rid of him altogether.

Oh, and before anyone "actuallys" me, technically this wasn't strictly a bottle episode, as the opening scene was filmed on location in a park. 

Speaking of the aforementioned relationship between Heat Wave and Lita, that was the highlight of the episode for me. It was a hoot seeing him struggling to connect with her, as she forced him to the worst thing he could possible imagine— confront his feelings (shudder!). 

As much as I'm enjoying this Heat Wave arc, it's actually making me a little angry. A few months ago, the producers tried to justify their dumping of Atom and Nora by saying there were no more storylines for the two characters. That was obviously bullsh*t. If they continue developing Heat Wave and finding new things for him to do, they could have done the same for Atom and Nora.

Astra actually began to grow on me this week, and it felt like they were trying to set up an unlikely friendship between her and Zari 2.0. Interesting.

Happily there was no hint of romance or love triangles this week, for which I am eternally grateful. 

So where's the show headed from here? I don't have a clue. I do have sort of a guess though. Charlie says she can't use the Loom Of Fate by herself, and her two sisters are unlikely to help her out. Last week Lachesis asked Astra to become her "new sister," so obviously one doesn't have to be born a Fate— you can become one.

I'm predicting that Astra and Canary— with her newfound powers— will become the two new Fates, and team up with Charlie to use the Loom and bring everyone back! Crazy? Sure, but this is Legends Of Tomorrow!


The Plot:

Lita's walking through a park when Heat Wave approaches from behind and startles her. He apologizes for missing her soccer game, saying he was stuck in Hell (literally!). He wants to spend the weekend with her, but Lita says she has to study for a history test. Frustrated, he uncloaks the Waverider and starts to leave. Naturally she changes her tune when she sees the timeship and wants to check it out. He takes her inside and the ship lifts off. 

Elsewhere on the ship, Constantine tells Astra he tried for years to rescue her from Hell, and now here she is. She says not to get used to it, as she's gone the second Charlie uses the Loom Of Fate to resurrect her mom. 

On the Bridge, Sharpe, Steel and Zari 2.0 watch as Charlie meditates before using the Loom. Gary enters with Gary Junior, his emotional support dog (PLOT POINT!). Charlie finishes and says she's ready. Astra and Zari 2.0 argue over whose loved one will be brought back first. Sharpe gets into the act as well, saying Charlie should heal White Canary first.

Charlie gets tired of the bickering, puts her foot down and decides to bring Behrad back first. She takes the three rings and merges them into the Loom, spinning threads of energy into a floating bolt of golden cloth. She searches through the threads until she finds Behrad's. She notes that it's a tangled mess, due to all his time traveling. She grabs it and there's a massive energy surge, throwing her across the room and knocking out the ship's power.

Gideon switches to backup power, but says the time drive and the Jumpship are offline. Charlie admits she's never tried using the Loom by herself before. She figures it won't work without her two sisters, and asking them for help is out of the question. Constantine says he'll look into other ways to use the Loom. Astra's angry that she left her life in Hell for this.

Sharpe sits in the Medbay, telling the comatose Canary that things are looking bad for the Legends. Canary miraculously wakes, but discovers she's blind. Sharpe tells Gideon to scan Canary, but she says her power levels are too low. Canary takes Sharpe's hand, and is stunned when she sees a vision of her lying dead on the floor of the ship.

Canary puts on a blindfold for some reason, and says she's going to go fix the ship. When Sharpe points out that she can't see, she says she trained with a blindfold for weeks as part of her assassin training and will be fine. As they walk down the corridor, they run into Heat Wave and Lita. Canary takes Lita's hand, and sees a vision of her kneeling over her father's dead body. She tells Lita it's nice to meet her and makes a hasty retreat.

Astra sees Zari 2.0 looking at photos of her and Behrad. She asks if they were close, and Zari says they were just starting to be when he died. Astra says she might know a way to get him back. Uh-oh!

Now that they're stuck on the ship, Heat Wave insists that Lita study for her test. She says her class is studying the French Revolution, and asks if Heat Wave knows anything about it. He tells her he knows a guy, and brings in Steel, who the writers finally remembered is an historian. He says he can tell her all about the French Revolution, but they'll need snacks first. Lita tells her dad she wants "ants on a log," and he grudgingly goes to the Mess Hall to make them.

Meanwhile, Constantine examines Canary's eyes. When he touches her, she gets a vision of him lying dead on a table, with a broken shard of glass sticking out of his chest. She recoils in horror, and when he asks what's wrong she says nothing. He then blurts out that Astra's on the ship, which causes Canary to freak. She fears Astra's the one doing the stabbings in her visions, and doesn't want her on the ship. 

Sharpe says she can't throw Astra out, as she made a deal with her. Canary says fine then, but wants Constantine to keep his eyes on her at all times. 

Astra tells Zari 2.0 that her mother's thread isn't twisted by time travel, so it might be easier for Charlie to bring her back first— like a practice run. Then once Charlie gets the hang of it, she could handle bringing Behrad back. In her slickest and oiliest voice, she says the crew might not listen to her though, but might agree if Zari 2.0 suggests it. Sneaky!

Elsewhere, Gary Junior makes a doody on the floor. Gary cleans it up, and tosses the bag into the disposal chute. As he does so, he notices something deep inside the chute.

Meanwhile, Sharpe tries repairing the ship as Canary supervises. Charlie enters and asks Canary if her blindness is the only side effect she's having. She finally admits she's seeing visions of everyone's deaths, but says they're just "nightmares." Charlie says Canary's seeing the future, and figures Astra's somehow responsible. Just then Zari 2.0 comes in and says Astra just tried to manipulate her into restoring her mother first. 

Gary then barges in and says he found the Loom case in the disposal chute, and the three rings are gone. Sharpe asks Gideon to play back the security footage to see who stole them. Unfortunately, she says her security system's been disabled. The Legends realize there's a saboteur onboard.

The Legends round up Astra and throw her in the makeshift Brig. Of course she claims she's innocent. Constantine backs her up, saying he was with her the whole time. He tells Astra he'll root out the real saboteur, but she says she was an idiot for ever trusting him. 

In the Library, Steel tells Lita about the Legends and their powers. He demonstrates his by steeling up. Lita's impressed, and asks her dad if he has a power too. He shows her his flame gun, which sparks an argument over gun control. 

Steel tries to salvage the situation by telling Lita that Heat Wave funds the Waverider (oy, the money situation again) through his hobby of stealing. Again, Lita isn't impressed, as she says stealing's what landed Heat Wave in prison in the first place. Steel asks Heat Wave if he ever acquired any artifacts from the French Revolution. When he says yes, Lita's curiosity is finally piqued. 

Zari 2.0 enters the Brig and says she knows Astra took the rings, and asks her to simply give them back. Astra says Zari's a manipulator as well, as she has Constantine AND Steel wrapped around her finger. She says Zari 2.0's obviously smart, so she should figure out who really took the rings. 

Constantine tries to convince Canary to free Astra. She grabs his hand, and when she does she sees another vision of his death— but this time her own face is reflected in the shard! Gasp! She tells Sharpe and Constantine that SHE'S the murderer, and locks herself in her room. She makes Sharpe promise not to let her out, no matter what she says. 

Heat Wave leads Lita to a cabin and opens the door, revealing a vast treasure inside. He gives her a pouch that belonged to Marie Antoinette, which greatly impresses her. She asks why he doesn't put his treasure in a bank so it can draw interest. Her head then fills with ideas, as she says he could go back in time and invest his fortune at the start of the stock exchange, and they could make trillions. Fearing he's awakened something bad in her, he shoves her out of the room and locks the door. She calls him a terrible father and storms off. 

Zari 2.0 uses her alt-timeline hacker skills to recover the security footage, while Charlie and Steel observe. She finds footage showing herself disabling Gideon's security, Steel damaging the food replicator and Charlie flushing the rings down the ship's one and only toilet (!). 

Astra says the footage exonerates her and demands they free her. The other say it does no such thing, as they were obviously under some kind of mind control. 

Gary sneaks into Canary's quarters and gives her Gary Junior to hold, saying she needs an emotional support animal more than he does. Suddenly Canary hears someone whisper "kill him" and she savagely snaps Gary's neck! She then hears the voice tell her to "kill them all." Suddenly she comes to, sees Gary's OK and realizes she had another vision. She says it was the dog telling her to kill, and it must be a demon (it's the only possible answer). She throws the dog down and it runs off.

Canary goes to the Bridge and tells Sharpe and Constantine that Gary Junior is the one who makes her kill everyone. They think she's gone off the deep end, and she tells them to help her find the dog to prove she's right. 

Zari 2.0 reviews the security footage. Somehow she zooms out of pre-recorded video (???), which reveals that Gary Junior was present when they all sabotaged the ship. Like Canary, they all come to the conclusion that the dog somehow mind controlled them.

The Legends question Gary and ask him where he got the dog. He sheepishly admits he saw it when he was in Hell last week and "rescued" it. Sharpe remembers the Son Of Sam case, in a serial killer claimed a dog told him to commit murder. She says Gary Junior is that dog!

Just then Gary Junior runs in and tells Steel to murder the others. He calmly picks up a stool and intends to smash them all with it, until Gary blows a dog whistle that interferes with the canine's mind control. They ask the dog why he's doing this, and he says he hates cutesy hats, ties and especially Gary. He assumes his true, terrigying Hellhound form, and everyone runs into the Brig's forcefield with Astra. The hound smashes against the field, then runs off. 

Constantine's with Canary when he sees the hound climb into an air vent. He realizes she was telling the truth about the dog and apologizes. 

Back in the Brig, the Legends are all crowded into the forcefield. Astra says she knows how to get rid of a Hellhound, and grabs the control pad from Sharpe. She brings down the field, exits the dais and then activates it again, trapping the others. She tells them never trust someone familiar with torture and saunters off. 

Elsewhere, Lita hides from her dad, locking herself in the Library. Heat Wave tries to convince her to come out, saying he knows what it's like to hate one's parents. Inside, Lita turns up her ear buds and ignores him. She's also unaware the Hellhound is sneaking out of the vent behind her. 

Constantine can't find the hound, so Canary suggests they take advantage of her new power. She takes Constantine's hand and sees a vision of the hound attacking Heat Wave in the Library. The two then head there.

Heat Wave hears Lita scream, and pries the doors open. He sees the Hellhound inching toward her, and blasts it with his heat gun. Unfortunately fire has no effect on it,since it's from Hell. It pounces on Heat Wave, just as Constantine and Canary show up. Constantine casts a spell to force the hound to chase him and he and Canary run off. 

The hound chases them through the corridors, and Canary says she doesn't need sight to defeat it. As the hound attacks, she uses her hearing to execute a perfect kick and knock it for a loop. Constantine says he can send it to Hell, but only if he knows its true name. Just then Astra walks up and says the hounds name is Marchosias. Constantine casts another spell, which opens a portal and sucks the hound back to Hell.

Sometime later, the crew gets Gideon back online. Gary fishes the rings out of the waste system (ew!) and hands them over to Sharpe. He says he has a new emotional support animal now— a rabbit named Gary Junior II. He mentions he got him from a carnie, who warned him to never feed it after midnight.

Heat Wave apologizes to Lita for throwing her out of the vault, saying he only wants what's best for her and doesn't want her following in his footsteps. He says he'll take her home, and she reminds him the weekend isn't over yet. He's stunned when she actually calls him "Dad."

Sharpe takes Canary to the Medbay, and tells Gideon to fix her eyes. She scans Canary, but says she doesn't detect any abnormalities and there's nothing she can do.


• Even though 99% of the audience will never see them, the Legends writers usually come up with some fairly clever episode titles. They dropped the ball this week though, because Ship Broken is pretty lame as titles go. Or is there a joke I'm missing here?

• I don't know if this scene was deliberately staged this way or if it was just a happy accident. If it was intentional, then kudos to the director. It's a perfect visual representation of the huge emotional wall Lita's constructed between her and her father.

• Some people just don't have a face meant for smiling. Heat Wave is one of them. Yikes!

• This is some heavy duty nitpicking, but whatever. How much time has passed between this episode and the previous one? When we first see Gary, he says that going to Hell was very traumatic for him, prompting his therapist to prescribe him an emotional support animal. That implies that quite a bit of time has gone by— days, possibly even a week.

Then in the very next scene, Constantine and Astra have a chat. Oddly enough, he acts like he's just now discovered she's on the ship for the first time. So which is it? Did days go by between episodes, or minutes? It can't be both!

• Speaking of Constantine and Astra— last week I went into a lengthy discussion about their history. How Constantine accidentally damned Astra to Hell when she was a child, and fought to rescue her for years, to no avail. Her fate haunted him, and he considered it his greatest failure.

Annnnnnd then she was able to hitch a ride out of Hell last week, thanks to a spell cast by Gary!

I was gobsmacked by the fact that Gary Freakin' Green of all people was able to EASILY do something that Constantine— arguably the greatest warlock alive— couldn't. It didn't make any sense to me.

It appears the writers are aware of this as well. When we first see the two of them this week, Constantine tells Astra, "Oh, I've been fighting so hard to get you out of Hell, and you are finally here."

It ain't much, but I appreciate the fact that they acknowledged the matter at all.

• Um... I hate to break it to Gary, but it looks like Gary Junior's a real bitch. Literally! Was there really no male dog in all of Vancouver they could have hired?

By the way, if you look closely you can see that the tag on Gary Junior's collar actually reads "Junior."

• Gary introduces the Legends to his emotional support dog, Gary Junior. Unfortunately Gary Junior isn't ship trained, and pees on the floor. Immediately after Constantine enters the bridge and steps in the puddle.

It's a funny joke, but if you look closely, Constantine's foot clearly never comes anywhere near the puddle. He's a good foot away from it when the others begin pointing and yelling at him.

Last week we got a really good look at the Ring Of Lachesis, which had what looked like a hand clutching a coin engraved on it. Appropriate I guess, since Lachesis is now working at the Coin Maker in Hell.

This week we finally get a fairly good look at the three rings. The gold one in the center is Charlie's, or rather Clotho's. It's tough to see here, but it looks like a fist clutching either a cross or a sword. Not sure how that's relevant to her job of creating the threads, but there you go. 

The silver one on the right is the Ring Of Atropos. Unfortunately the image is too blurry to make out its engraving. It kind of looks like two crossed knives, which would be appropriate for her.

• Back in Zari, Not Zari, Charlie described how she and the other two Fates worked: "I spun up the threads of each life. Old Lachesis, she measured out how long each life got to be. And then Atropos, she killed everyone. And she bloody loved it."

This week, Charlie picks up each of the rings and says, "
The ring of Clotho, the maker of threads, and extremely rad dresser. The ring of Lachesis, the weaver of destinies and manipulative control freak. And the ring of Atropos, the cutter of threads and a heartless psychopath."

Notice the difference? In the first description, Lachesis measured the length of each life. In the second, she's the weaver of destinies. 

I guess you could argue that those are the same thing, but... I tend to think of destiny as the direction of a person's life, not its length. I suppose we could be generous here and accept that both descriptions are variations of the same idea.

 Ever since the Loom Of Fate storyline was introduced, I assumed it would look like... well, a loom. Instead, we see the three rings just turn into a glowing ball of bright light, and Charlie somehow summons the life threads out of thin air! Odd.

• Wow. So as a Fate, Charlie really does create the life threads of everyone on Earth. I was surprised by this, as I kind of thought the whole "weaving destiny" thing was metaphorical, and she wasn't creating a literal bolt of cloth!

Either way, it was a pretty cool sequence!

• Remember back when the Waverider's Brig looked like this? An actual secure room, with heavy walls and a door to keep prisoners inside and prevent them from escaping?

At some point in Season 4 (I think?) the Brig disappeared and was replaced by this dinky little dais right smack in the middle of Atom's lab, surrounded by an easily escapable forcefield.

So why the change? I'm thinking maybe it was too difficult to film scenes in the Brig set. The walls probably got in the way, making it difficult to see the character inside. They likely had to film through the windows, and there were only a couple camera angles that worked.

The fact that this new "Brig Light" set has zero obstructions around it pretty much proves that theory.

It's also possible they tore  it down because they needed the studio space to build the Time Bureau's magical creature holding facility in Season 4. Or a number of other sets.

Whatever the reason, the original Brig set is long gone, which is too bad. I kind of miss it. It definitely made more sense than a tiny raised platform.

• Canary has a vision of Constantine's death, and unexpectedly sees her own face reflected in the glass shard she used to kill him. 

Hats off to the director who staged this scene, as it was a clever and unique way to reveal she was the potential future murderer.

• After noticing that Canary's acting strangely, Charlie demands to know what's going on with her. Canary hems and haws a bit, then finally confesses that she's seeing visions of the crew's deaths.

Wow! A character who actually tells her teammates what's going on! How wonderfully refreshing! If this was The Flash, you can bet your bottom dollar that Barry would have kept it a secret from his crew for months, until it came back to bite him in the ass.

• Back in Zari, Not Zari, Canary was hit with the full force of Atropos' power and lived to tell about it. In my review of the episode, I wondered it she was able to survive because she was the Paragon Of Destiny in Crisis On Infinite Earths.

This week Charlie brings up that very point, saying, "You're a Paragon of Destiny who got radiated by godly light. Why is it so impossible that you've gained the gift of foresight?"

We still don't know for sure if being a Paragon saved her from Atropos, but at this point it's the most likely explanation.

• This week the writers remembered that Steel's an actual professor of history. It's been so long since they brought that up that I'd almost forgotten about it as well.

• Heat Wave opens a door and shows Lita a room filled with the vast amount of treasure he's stolen over his years on the ship.

Is this supposed to be Heat Wave's quarters, or a spare room they've turned into a makeshift vault? I'm leaning towards vault. There's barely enough space to move around inside it, so there's no way in hell he could lie down and sleep in there!

• Earlier this season in Meet The Legends, Sharpe frets about how the Legends are going to "fund" their operation (which is a whole other story for another day). Heat Wave then comes aboard, reaches into this pocket and hands her a priceless Faberge egg he stole from Rasputin's court. He tells her it's worth $50 million, and will bankroll them for years.

In this episode, Lita stares in awe at the sheer amount of treasure in the vault. At one point she begins sifting through it all, and picks up the very same Faberge egg that Heat Wave stole earlier!

It's a nice little callback, but... I guess they didn't need it to fund them after all! Especially when there're already billions worth of treasure in the room.

• One last thing about Heat Wave's vault— apparently he doesn't just steal gold and jewels, but dinosaur skulls as well! I wonder... is this the skull of Sue The T. Rex, located in the Field Museum in Chicago?

• Zari 2.0 hacks into the backup security, and sees footage of the mind-controlled Legends sabotaging the ship— including a shot of Charlie dumping the rings down the crapper! A couple things here:

I believe this is our first ever look at the Waverider's one and only bathroom! Oddly enough it doesn't look all that futuristic, considering the ship's from the 22nd Century. 

The toilet in particular looks pretty contemporary, which is a continuity error. In Season 4's The Getaway, Mona comes onboard the ship and comments on all the buttons on the "futuristic" toilet. Canary and Heat Wave both warn her not to touch the red one.

Granted, we can't see the entire toilet in this security camera footage. But the part that is visible looks pretty much like a normal, current commode. Maybe the buttons are all at the back, just out of camera range?

Second and most importantly— why the frak does Gideon have a security camera in the bathroom??!?!?! Jesus Christ! OK, there's obviously a door to the actual toilet area, so the crew can have a bit of privacy while they're pooping. But the rest of the bathroom is clearly under surveillance! Anyone coming out of the shower better remember to wrap a towel around themselves, or they'll give Gideon a free show!

• Zari 2.0 rewatches the security footage of the Legends sabotaging the ship. Somehow she then zooms out, revealing that Gary Junior was present and barking at them during each of the events.

Can someone please explain to me how it's possible to zoom out of previously recorded footage? Must be some more of that future tech on the ship!

• At one point Gary Junior enters the Lab and begins barking at the Legends, ordering them to murder on another. There's a lot to unpack here in this scene...

First off, Charlie tells the others, "Whatever he says, don't listen to him!" This implies she can hear the Hellhound speaking, yet for some reason she's unaffected by his voice. That's odd, because a few minutes earlier we clearly saw her under its influence, as she flushed the rings down the toilet. So why isn't she being affected here?

Zari 2.0 then says, "All I hear is annoying barking." So why is she not hearing the Hellhound's murderous orders either? As with Charlie, we just saw footage of her following the dog's orders and sabotaging the ship.

Naturally, the gullible and easily bamboozled Steel the only one affected here, as he picks up a stool and tries to kill the others with it.

Is it possible the Hellhound was only talking to Steel, so he's the only one who heard its voice? Do others just hear barking unless it's speaking directly to them?

Gary then disrupts the Hellhound's tirade by blowing a dog whistle that only canines can hear.

OK, dog whistles are most definitely a thing. But Gary doesn't have one here, and is somehow mimicking one by whistling with his mouth! Pretty sure that's not possible.

• All through the episode, whenever Canary touches a particular person she specifically sees THEIR body after they've been killed.

Late in the third act, she and Constantine are having no luck finding the Hellhound. She gets an idea and takes Constantine's hand. For no good reason, instead of seeing Constantine's death she sees the hound killing Heat Wave in the Library.

So why the major change in how her powers work? Other than for plot convenience, of course.

• Sharpe deduces that Gary Junior is actually the demon dog who talked the Son Of Sam killer into becoming a murderer.

Believe it or not, the Son Of Sam killings were a real incident. David Berkowitz was a New Yorker who became a serial killer in the summer of 1976. He used a .44 caliber revolver to kill six people and wound seven others over the course of a year.

Berkowitz's crime spree prompted the biggest police manhunt in the history of New York City. Somehow he eluded capture, and even sent mocking letters to the police (ala Jack The Ripper).

He was eventually caught on August 10, 1977. He confessed to all the shootings, claiming he was simply obeying orders from a demon who took the form of his neighbor Sam's dog. Despite this wacko story, he was found competent to stand trial and pleaded guilty to all the charges. He later admitted the dog story was a hoax.

The intense media coverage of the Son Of Sam case made Berkowitz something of a celebrity. His case prompted the New York State Legislature to enact the "Son Of Sam Law," which prevents criminals from profiting from the publicity generated by their crimes.

• I thought the Hellhound looked really good— especially for a weekly TV show. Congrats to the FX team!

• Constantine says he needs to know the hound's true name in order to send it back to Hell. Astra tells him its name is "Marchosias."

Turns out the writers are up on their Hellhounds, as Marchosias is actually a thing! In demonology, Marchosias is a fallen angel who became a powerful Marquis Of Hell. He commands thirty legions of demons, and is generally depicted as a wolf with wings and a serpent's tail, and spews fire from his mouth. He often takes the form of a man, and will answer any question truthfully. He eventually hopes to return to Heaven some day.

In some texts, Marchocias is described as a female wolf.

• Kudos to Caity Lotz (aka Canary), for performing this spectacular, 100% real backflip stunt— while blindfolded! OK, so the Hellhound was CGI and not practical, but you know what I mean.

• At the end of the episode, Gary has a new emotional support animal— a rabbit he named Gary Junior II. He assures them this time his pet is perfectly fine, saying, "I got this wittle guy from a mysterious carnie who warned me never to feed him past midnight."

As you've all likely guessed, this is a reference to Gremlins.

• This Week's Best Lines:
(Heat Wave hopes to spend the weekend with Lita.)Lita: "All right. What is our father-daughter weekend gonna look like?"
Heat Wave: "I got tickets to the roller derby. There should be lots of blood and cleavage!"

(Gary Junior pees on the floor and scampers away, prompting Gary to run after him.)

Gary: "Everyone, watch your step!"
(He passes Constantine in the corridor.)
Constantine: "Oh. Chasing tail now, are we, Gary? That's a first."

Sharpe: "Where do you think you're going? You can't see."
Canary: "I trained in a blindfold for weeks in the League of Assassins. And nobody knows how to fix the ship like I do. Except for maybe Ray and Jax. And Rip and Stein. I guess Behrad's not bad either. But you know what? None of them are walking through that door, so let's go."

Lita: "Okay, smart guy. We're studying the French Revolution."

Heat Wave: "I've heard of it."
Lita: "So I have to compare and contrast the American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen."
Heat Wave: (completely clueless) "Right..."

Steel: "Did I hear someone say the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen? Hi. Dr. Nathaniel Heywood. I specialize in deductive historical reconstruction. Now, while technically, I am a doctor, you can call me Professor. Or Steel, because I turn into it." 
Lita: "Whoa, you're the coolest professor I've ever met."
Steel: "Most likely. Yeah."
Heat Wave: "All right. Let's study."
Steel: "Well, we can't study without snacks, right? Gideon makes the best snacks."
Lita: "Really? Can we have ants on a log?"
Steel: "Ants on a... Mick, can you be an absolute peach and run to the fabricator for us?"

Gary: (to Heat Wave) "I think you need some advice from the Papa Gare. Parenting is about doing the crap work, no matter how degrading, and never, ever once hearing a word of thanks. But you'll know in your heart that they appreciate it, even if the thought never crosses their mind."

Charlie: "You're a Paragon of Destiny who got radiated by godly light. Why is it so impossible that you've gained the gift of foresight?"

Canary: "Because we don't all die."
Sharpe: "We? What do you mean? Like, we die in, like, fifty years? Or we die with me wearing this exact outfit?"
(Canary reaches out and touches Sharpe's blouse.)Canary: "Option two."

Astra: "I was shown more hospitality in the deepest pits of hell than on this ship of fools."

Steel: "And then there's Zari. She's from the future. She's supes cute, and she can control air."
Lita: "What?"

Steel: "Yep."
(Heat Wave enters with Lita's snack.)
Heat Wave: "Ants on a log."
Lita: "Everybody here has a superpower. Do you have a superpower?"
Heat Wave: (pulling out his blaster) "I have this."
Lita: "Your gun?"
Heat Wave: "Uh, yes."
Lita: Your superpower is that you shoot a gun?"
Heat Wave: "It shoots fire."
Lita: "No, I know. I don't like any guns."
Heat Wave: "Why not? I marched in protest of them. Do you know how dangerous that thing is?"
Heat Wave: "Well, that's the point."

Steel: "You know, if it wasn't for your pops here, we wouldn't be able to travel through time. Mick keeps the lights on."
Lita: "The lights are off."
Steel: "Well, that's an unfortunate coincidence."

Lita: (staring in all at the treasure in Heat Wave's vault) "So I really dig the whole Scrooge McDuck aesthetic, but why not put your money in a bank?"

(I'm impressed that a teen in 2020 knows who Scrooge McDuck is!)

Astra: "What are you doing?"

Zari 2.0: "Looking for footage of you stealing the rings."
Astra: "It doesn't exist. Besides, I thought the cameras were sabotaged."
Zari 2.0: "Mm, I'm hacking the backup feed."
Astra: "You hack?"
Zari 2.0: "Hmm. Not so much me, but a version of me that used to exist."
Astra: "Do you think I could talk to this other version of you? Maybe she'd trust me."

Steel: "Are you two in cahoots?

Charlie: "No!"
Zari 2.0: "Obviously n... Why would I hack into footage that incriminates myself?"

Canary: "I can prove to you that I am telling the truth, all right? I had a vision that I killed Gary, and then in real time, I saved him. And the fact that he is alive right now proves that I am not lying!"
Constantine: "You were right to lock yourself up, love."

Sharpe: "Oh, my God. You adopted Son of Sam's demon dog. Oh, my God!

Gary: "At least I didn't buy from a breeder!"

(Gary Junior begins barking at the Legends.)
Charlie: "Whatever he says, don't listen to him."
Zari 2.0: "All I hear is annoying barking."
Steel: "All I hear is why I should murder you all. And he's making some very good points!"

Heat Wave: "Lita, open the door."

Lita: "Go away, 'Becky!"
Heat Wave: "I know what it's like to be mad at your parents. I lit mine on fire. But let's talk about it."

Heat Wave: "Right. I'll take you home."
Lita: "Why? I thought we were spending the weekend together."
Heat Wave: "You want to stay?"
Lita: "Yeah. Today wasn't so bad... Dad."

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