Sunday, March 21, 2021

Anti-Anti-Vaxxer Part 2!

Good news, everyone— I'm now fully vaccinated! I went to the clinic yesterday and got my second shot today. Woohoo!

Now Bill Gates can start tracking me with his 5G towers! Cool!

As with the first injection, there wasn't anything to it. A barely-felt pinprick and it was done. The entire process took twenty minutes. Including the fifteen minute observation period after.

As for side effects— meh. They're minor at best. As happened the first time, my arm's a little sore when I raise it. And I feel a little tired & draggy. A little more so this time than the first. But it's not like I'm bedridden or anything.

I'm glad it's finally done, as I now feel a little safer. Note that the vaccines don't prevent you from getting Covid— as effective as there are, there's still a 5% chance of contracting the virus. From what I understand though, if I do get it, the symptoms will be much milder than if I wasn't vaccinated. 

If you've been harboring fears or reservations about getting the vaccine, please don't. There's nothing to it, it doesn't hurt and as I said, the side effects are minimal. And it's absolutely vital that we all do our part and get vaccinated, or we're never going to get rid of this crap. Do you want a second year of lockdowns? I know I don't!

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