Friday, October 29, 2021

Booster Rock It!

Welp, as of yesterday I've officially been boosted! That's right, I got my third shot— one more and I get a free sandwich! Hi-YO!!!!

I first got vaxxed back in February and March of this year. At the time I looked over the three possible vaccines, and determined that the Pfizer one seemed best— mainly because it was reportedly 1% more effective than the Moderna one. So Pfizer it was then!

As it turns out, the Pfizer jab wasn't the best one after all. Sure, it was initially more powerful, but in a surprise turn of events, it began losing its effectiveness quicker than the other two. By some estimates, the Pfizer vaccine drops down to an astonishingly low 47% efficacy after just six months! Holy crap! Leave it to me to pick the worst one.

Thing is, I can't even get mad about it. This situation is brand new to everyone, so nobody could predict how the various vaccines were going to act once they were out in the field. There was no way to tell Pfizer would crap out after only half a year.

So once they began offering booster shots, I signed up. There were three criteria for getting the booster: Being age 65 or older, having a weak immune system or working in a high-risk environment. I don't fall into the first two, but I figure I qualify for the third. I work in a cramped office full of people every day, and there's no way to tell who's vaxxed and who ain't. That sounds pretty "high-risk" to me!

I scheduled my booster shot at the same place I got the first two. Once I drove downtown to get jabbed, I found out that facility had apparently been closed! What the hell? Luckily I was able to find out where they moved, and got boosted.

After I got the first shot, my arm ached a bit for the next twenty four hours. The second one knocked me on my ass for an entire day though. I wasn't sick, but was just super tired— the kind of tired where it's too much trouble to get off the couch and crawl to bed.

So far I haven't had any real side effects from this third jab. My arm's a little tender at the injection site, but other than that I'm fine.

OK, so my DNA feels different, my testicles have shriveled and I've become magnetic for some reason, but hey, that's a small price to pay for peace of mind and protection.

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