Saturday, December 17, 2022

Future Tensed

From The Department Of Sometimes Things Don't Turn Out The Way We Thought They Would:

In the TNG episode Hide & Q, the god-like Q decides to prove humanity is easily corrupted by power by giving Commander Riker supernatural abilities just like his. Right on cue, Riker instantly becomes drunk with his newfound powers and struts around granting the crew's fondest wishes.

He cures Geordi LaForge's blindness by giving him a brand new set of functional eyes. And he conjures up a hot Klingon babe for Worf, since human females are too "fragile" for his kinky alien sex life.

He then sets his sights on Wesley Crusher, who for some reason wants nothing more than to be older. To that end, he instantly ages Wesley by ten years, turning him into a twenty something GQ model.

Take a long, lingering look at the guy they got to play Adult Wesley...

Yikes! Did they ever miscalculate as to what Wil Wheaton would end up looking like! 

Wheaton's currently fifty years old, and looks pretty much like he did back in 1987. The only difference is a couple wrinkles and a patchy beard he grew to try and look older.

I suppose we could be generous here and say the Male Model Wesley is what Riker thought he'd look like as an adult. On the other hand, Riker's supposedly a lesser god here, and as such should have had the ability to peer into the future and see Wesley's future appearance.

I demand the TNG casting director be retroactively fired!

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