Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anderson, The Meanderin' Neanderthal

Sorry, but I don't have much to say about this drawing. I drew Anderson in about an hour (not counting time out for a snack and to obsessively check my Flickr account).

Science currently tells us that Homo Sapiens (that's us, kids) didn't evolve from Neanderthals after all. They were a completely separate species that either died out or was wiped off the face of the Earth by Cro Magnons. Imagine if the Neanderthals hadn't become extinct-- there'd be two completely separate humanoid races walking around right now. I'm not sure the Earth could survive that.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.

Here's the original sketch of Anderson. The biggest difference in the final drawing is obviously the size of his nose, and a more well defined expression of vacant stupidity.


  1. I really enjoy seeing your sketch and your final artwork. It's cool to see the changes you make. I love the bigger nose, and the drool drives the vacant stupidity home. Well done!!

  2. I like looking at other artist's sketches as well. It's kind of like seeing "behind the scenes." Like a DVD extra.

    Most of my illustrations change quite a lot from the sketch. Because they're usually loosely drawn, things can work in a sketch but not work so well in a finished drawing, so you need to change things around to get it to work.


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