Monday, March 22, 2010

Please Don't Feed The Bears

Looks like that new Ranger didn't see the sign.

I don't do a lot of vector drawing, mainly because it takes so much longer to draw than a traditional line drawing, but I like to try it now and then.

Here's an alternate version of the drawing. I ultimately went with the toothpick version, but thought I'd go ahead and include this one for comparison and posterity.

Drawn in InDesign. For now I find it easier to do vector drawings in InDesign rather than Illustrator. I just think InDesign's drawing tools are easier to use. I really need to try and learn Illustrator though. Someday. When I have time. And my schedule's clear. And there's nothing good on TV.

I did draw the scratchy background box in Illustrator, because InDesign doesn't have scratchy pen tools. And I placed a grungy jpeg over the top of everything.

Here's the original sketch, obviously drawn before I googled what a ranger hat is supposed to look like.


  1. OMG! This is fantastic! I lovee the toothpick version as well. The grunge texture finished it off beautifully.


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